Friday April 28th 2023

The prelude to the bank holiday weekend went off with a bang, and a dog barking. An evening of jollity and merriment and rousing choruses. All da iawn splendid as you might say. The Shepherds had made the entirely predictable and justified decision to avoid the hell that would be the A55 express at bank holiday w/e. The rest of the usual suspects were up for it and delivered, in spades.

The judges put John Warburton’s shirt in second place, slightly ahead of Alan Manouch’s startlingly blue trainers. For sheer sartorial brilliance though, it will be no surprise that first place goes to “memory man” Adrian West. This lad sets standards that ARJ can only dream of. A well considered ensemble of delicate pink socks with a matching T. The shout out, (a calend, if you prefer) was the two-tone pantoufle. Imagine a delicate caramel mixed with crème fraiche and barely a hint of a heel. Inspired, I tell you.

More next week, and I am going to root out my cleanest dirty shirt, good enough for Kris, is good enough for me.


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