Friday May 5th 2023

There was no getting round it – it was a very quiet night, so it was sets of 3 first half.

Andrew had lost at bowls. Again. Not really built for sport.

I had a selection from N.E.Lancashire, and Lesley had a Phil Cunningham tune.

Alun got through “Only our rivers run free” with only the merest hint of prompting, but to be fair he hasn’t sung it for years. There was also a nice set of O’Carolan tunes. Have you ever thought how difficult it is to say “Irish wrist watch” three times?

John W admitted he was only wearing his cardi to support his pocket watch, given to him on his recent birthday. He didn’t think much of my suggestion to have his nipple pierced and support it from the ring. There was only one Warbette to support him tonight on “4 leafed clover”.

Carole had three lovely verses, ending with “What age do I have to be…?” Grow old but don’t grow up!

It’s not possible to touch your elbow with your nose.

Dafydd – mad, bad and dangerous to know. The moral of his story was “don’t nibble a girl’s ear if she has a fancy ear ring and you have a removable orthodontic appliance”. I was interested to hear that the appliance in question was a screw type; not often used and with a danger of anchorage failure. I don’t have the space here to discuss anchorage failure, but I’m sure we can talk about this fascinating subject further next week. There’s something going on this morning and Lesley has been up a ladder outside doing something.

Just Adrian left; three songs with a long stick dance sandwiched inbetween.

Hopefully we will have more bums on seats next week. It’s a shame there weren’t more last night as it was a belter of a night.

I bet you tried to touch your nose with your elbow didn’t you?


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