Friday May 12th 2023.

It was “Welcometo the new look RFC” at Tynewydd last night. We’d ditched the pa, moved the stage area to the corner and arranged the tables and chairs in a more relaxed set-up. Everyone there agreed it was a good move.

Another change will be to start at 7.30 and finish about 10.00 to 10.15 as from next week.

The Kimber’s Men night on June 9th may have to revert back to 8.00 if they’ve publicised an 8.00 start. Watch this space.

A wide variety of turns provided our entertainment, starting with Alan, then Alun.

An equally diverse selection of songs. Rick sang “By Weary Well”; apparently a place where many children have been conceived – a sort of medieval Ford Cortina.

I dug out “Once loved a lass”, complete with the complete bo***cks riddle verse and Lesley played a Scott Skinner tune.

Adrian admitted to consulting Dr. Google (or getting Liz to do it for him more likely) to check the words for “South Australia”. In the event he got confused and missed a verse.

How Fred reads from a music stand 5 ft (152 cms) away baffles me, but entertaining as always.

Normally people play acoustic instruments, but last night a bloke turned up with an electric guitar and sang “Purple Reign”.

I missed them last time they were here, but we had a welcome return from 3 lovely ladies calling themselves “Broken Chord”. Guitars and a uke to accompany 3 lovely individual voices, great harmonies, what a treat. There were a lot of damp eyes at the end of “The Rose”.

The more intimate arrangement of seating certainly enhanced the chorus singing. There was even one lady singing A Patella (slapping knees in time).

OK – don’t forget we start at 7.30 next week and make the most of the light nights – another 5 weeks and the nights will be drawing in again.


One Response to “Friday May 12th 2023.”

  1. Brilliant “New-Look” night and an equally brilliant blog, apart from the “Purple Reign” bloke. I missed him, but the camera never lies, one must’ve been there, mustn’t one…

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