Friday May 19th 2023

Our first night with a 7.30 kick off. Most got there for the start. A few arrived whilst I was half way through my set; you could see the disappointment on their faces when they realised they hadn’t missed me altogether. “Small Coal” is a Jez Lowe song, but more of that later. Lesley played the lovely “Dark Island”

Good to see Mike back. Sheila still isn’t in the best of health, and we all send her our love and big hugs. One of his songs was “Month of January” – too early or too late? Either way he pitched it a bit high to start but the end result was his usual flawless self.

Alun sang “London Danny”. This is the second of a Jez Lowe trilogy, the first being “Small Coal”. Nobody does “Another man’s wife”, the third in the series, which I think is the best of the lot.

Is writing “He owed me £50” in the funeral guest book wrong? Asking for a friend.

Geoff had a belated tribute to the late Gordon Lightfoot; “Home from the forest”. Hadn’t heard it before, but hopefully may hear it again sometime..

John W had pulled out all the stops tonight, sartorially speaking, with multicoloured clogs to match the waistcoat. Not a bad set either.

Carole recited two of her verses; “Balance and Harmony” and “For you will not!”. Always entertaining and always makes you think.

We had a few new faces amongst us last night including A YOUNG PERSON!!!!!. There were also a few old friends turned up. Recently returned from their near death experience on bikes were Tony and Alison. Tony was one of a few who’d been digging into their summer wardrobe for a shirt. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them. Nice set Tony. Not too sure about the shirt.

Following the break where alcohol failed to reach my table in the raffle (yet again), we had people with two X chromosomes. Margaret had ditched her 2 chums from Broken Chord and turned in a solo performance, including one of the greatest songs ever written – “Streets of London” Still sadly as relevant tody as when it was written 60 years ago.

I don’t think I’ve seen Jill Williams for 20 years. She gave Alun a hug when she came in. Last time she gave Alun a hug she could probably get her arms right the way round his girth. Despite being a bit croaky on the night, she managed a pretty powerful set. Lovely to see you again.

7.30 again next week


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