Friday May 26th 2023

A fine turnout on a fine Friday night.I was wondering if anyone would sing “Tie my kangaroo down” or “Jake the peg”.

Alan was Andrew’s choice as “the special one” ie on first. Love his version of Burns’ “Silver Tassie”. Quickly followed by Fred & Lesley. I enjoyed their set so much I forgot to write down what they did. I’m old. Give me a break.

A fine tune from my lovely wife (I need the Brownie points) then everyone enjoyed singing along to “Galway Shawl” when I eventually remembered the first line.

Adrian was attired in a Warburtonesque shirt. We didn’t get a Morris tune as he couldn’t remember how it went. He’s old. Alun warmed us up for the Kimber’s Men night on the 9th June (8 o’clock start that night) with “Mingulay”.

Silas! What a joy! A young man playing the pipes. Fabulous sets of tunes flowing seamlessly into each other. All those nights when he could have been spending his time usefully playing Super Mario or Grand theft auto, he frittered away learning to play an instrument. I blame the parents. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and brought a tear to my eye. I suspect the neighbours heard it for free, but he did loosen the impacted wax in my ears. Loved every second.

Geoff had to follow that. He had the sense to start us all singing again, with the classic “Last thing on my mind”.

A welcome return for the three ladies of Broken Chord. A lot of work must go into getting those harmonies so tight. “Annies Song” – stunning. He would never admit to liking a John Denver song but I bet Adrian enjoyed it.

Singers’ night next week 7.30 start. Chester Folk festival this weekend just a couple of miles from me at Kelsall.


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