Mike Hand


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  1. Hi, Mike Hand was my dad and I sadly lost him in 2001 when I was only 19. If anyone has any photos or recordings that they wouldn’t mind sharing with me I would be so grateful. My e-mail address is kimbymason@hotmail.co.uk if anyone wants to get in touch and share their memories of my dad. Thank you so much for adding my dad to this page and for not forgetting what a great performer he was. All my love Kimberley (dad called me Kimby) xxx

    • Lord Blythin of Gallt Melyd Says:

      Hi Kimby, are you the daughter that supported Port Vale? I have a few photos of your Dad and some recordings and videos of him, which lately I have been trying to get digitised properly. Once I’ve got them sorted I’ll drop you an email. Mike was a superb singer / musician with a voice to cry for. I still think a lot about him and like you miss him a lot. Take care, Jeff Blythin

      • Hi Jeff, yes that’s me the Port Vale fan!! I can’t believe you remember that!! I’ve just ordered a brick for Port Vale’s wall of fame saying Kimby and Mike Hand (but I’ve got to wait a while for it as the club is in administration) I’ll put a photo on the Facebook wall when I finally get it.

        Thank you so much, any photos, recordings and videos would be brilliant, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

        My dad spoke alot about you when I was growing up so thank you for getting in touch with me. It’s lovely to hear that people thought so highly of him.

        Speak to you soon, from Kimby! x

  2. bellevue Says:

    i have fond memories of Mike, I was there when he reached behind for Jeff’s guitar-the silence was huge!

  3. jonesthephones Says:

    Hi Kimby,
    Mike was an all-time hero of mine/ours. He was the kind of inspirational musician that it’s rare to find. On top of that, he was a real gent and a good friend.
    re: Recordings, I can send to you CD copies of:
    a) Mike’s CD recorded in a Llandudno studio somewhere… and
    b) Mike’s last night headlining in Conwy Folk-Club – this was taken from a cassette-tape (supplied by Bob Murtha, as I recall) and I cleaned up the recoding (noise etc.) and converted it onto CD –
    Just send your own address to me at: alun.r.jonesthephones@googlemail.com and I’ll stick one of each in the post to you by return. You’ll need a hankie for the live CD from Conwy FC as there’s plenty of chat in between songs…! Regards, Alun

  4. jonesthephones Says:

    P.S. I can’t help but recall one Sunday afternoon when Mike rang me at home. He was fuming: he said “I’ve just watched a wildlife programme on Anglia TV – all about Pilot whales being massacred annually in the Faroe Islands. I’m furious about it… I’ve written the lyrics of a song, but I can’t seem to put a tune to it… Can U Help?”
    He read out his lyrics over the phone and I wrote them down. I plucked a tune out of the air, as it passed by, and rang Mike back after 20 minutes, to sing the song back to him. “That’s it… Where did you get the tune?” he said. “Dunno… it just came to me” says I.
    And that’s how Mike fab song “THE PILOT WHALE” came to be. x

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