Mike and Sheila Hawkins


Mike hails from Nottingham. Sadly, Sheila is from Rhyl. Love’s young dream married in Nottingham in 1974, and, as both had Welsh parents, moved to the Principality.Mike had been frequenting folk clubs since the mid 60’s, under the influence of Dylan; apparently the pub where Nottingham Traditional Music Club met was as grotty as the Bee.

They’ve been coming to Rhyl Folk Club off & on since1980. Other interests listed include:  playing about on the P.C. (porn?) , gardening, and line dancing !  Mike & Sheila enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the club, and favourite artists would have to include Bob Dylan, Nic Jones,June Tabor, Maddy Prior and Dick Gaughan.

Desert Island Discs;

Dick Gaughan   ……..Handful of Earth

Nic Jones          …….Penguin Eggs

June Tabor     ……Ashes and Diamonds

Bob Dylan     …….. (anything)

Maddy Prior    ……(anything)

Mike is one of the best acapella singers I’ve ever heard at the club, but one of his greatest regrets is never having  learned to play the guitar ( not dissimilar to messrs. Shepherd & Blythin!).  It would be a shame to spoil such a lovely voice with a few chords.


One Response to “Mike and Sheila Hawkins”

  1. Singing unaccompanied is an art not many master. Lots of people do it just because they can’t play an instrument but in some ways it’s the more difficult option because you only have your voice to maintain the audience’s interest and you really have to know how to use it. Mike, needless to say, is an excellent exponent. So glad to have him in the club.

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