Adrian West

Adrian was born in Leicester, many, many years ago. Being retired from teaching since 2002, as many know, his main claim to fame is that he taught Latin to one Alun Rhys Jones, to little avail.

Adrian has played rugby and cricket locally since moving to Prestatyn in 1975. Despite the inevitable loss of many neurones, I know Adrian has an enviable reputation as a quizzer.

He started coming to the club in the 70’s but eventually dropped out; fortunately he has once again become a regular, presumably it fills in the time while waiting for the Grim Reaper.

I would describe Adrian’s style as traditional, with a subtle leaning to the pornographic; always entertaining! His main musical influence was Frank Jeal, the founder of the Bangor Morris Men,bangor-morris-men-08102016-8 with whom he danced for several years, starting in 1964, and it was then that he started singing. Other influences have been Martin Carthy, Peter Bellamy, Harry Cox and the Coppers.Favourite tracks include Tangled up in blue, Famous flower of serving men and Crazy man Michael.

Adrian has been told that he should no longer be making a spectacle of himself at his age.  Bo…cks!


4 Responses to “Adrian West”

  1. Ann & Frank. Says:

    Well Adrian has had, and still enjoying a colourful life. Each week he is so comical and his stories are sung so well. Keep coming Adrian it is a fun folk club, people don’t know what there missing.

  2. jonesthephones Says:

    Salve Magister…!

  3. I’d like to visit your club sometime and catch up with Adrian (Ado) as we used to call him – he won’t remember me but I was a good friend of his bother Greg and was broken hearted to hear recently that Greg had passed on.

    Can you let me know when and where you have your sessions


    Gretel Leeb

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