Andrew Pritchard’s 10

july 14 mc

Fire! Fire!

Here are the ten recordsĀ  that I would save in the event of fire at Pritchard Towers.

In no particular order,

Who’s Next by The Who, a stonking good rock and roller with not a bum track present.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen, surely the rules of rock and roll were re-written with this excellent set.

Wrecking Ball by Emmy Lou Harris, a lovely voice with splendid melodies and heartbreak all rolled up.

Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan, if we were in order, then this would probably top it, complex and complete.

Shut up and die like an Aviator by Steve Earle, just on the cusp of his return from his “holidays” and a real gutsy take on americana standards.

Live at Liberty Lunch by Joe Ely, a tex-mex rocker with super singer/songwriter capabilities whose CD first introduced me to the talents of Butch Hancock.

John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan, no apologies for two from His Bobness in my list. A real treat of tracks that never fade.

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Atitude by Jimmy Buffett, the ex-mayor of the Florida Keys with a selection of fine and catchy tunes laced with humour.

Own and Own by Butch Hancock, west Texas singer/songwriter with a real ear and songs that work and stand up on their own.” Horseflies “at my funeral please.

Harvest Moon by Neil Young, a towering presence in the music field who needs no introduction or acknowledgement from me. An awesome album that is better than Harvest and, boy, is that saying something.

I wanted to add The Songs of Jimmy Rogers, but that is a compilation ( an excellent compilation) and compilations don’t count (another list maybe for someone to start) and also that would make it 11, and you’re only allowed to rescue ten. And you are not allowed back into the burning building. So, returning to the beginning, who’s next?

Emm Cee


One Response to “Andrew Pritchard’s 10”

  1. Dave Rothwell Says:

    Like the ones I know, some a bit obscure!

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