Rick’s 10

aug28rickHere’s what Rick would grab as his house burnt down (Delora’s still asleep!).

Right – Andrews been on me for a while now about submitting a list of the 12 CD’s I’d rush into my burning house to rescue. Actually, most of them are vinyl, but never mind. Here they are – I’m afraid much of it’s not very folky though!
1. Odd Todd (untitled)
2. Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter – Incredible String Band
3. Big Huge – Incredible String Band
4. San Antonio Rose – Willie Nelson and Ray Price
5. Mother Earth – Mother Earth
6. See Saw – Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa
7. Jeff Beck – Truth
8. Last Night’s Fun – Foothold
9. Tara Nevins – Mule to Ride
10. Genesis – Foxtrot

Next week the list might be entirely different. Except for Odd Todd – that’s Richard’s band!


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