Llanwrtyd Wells weekend, July 29th – 31st 2016

WP_20160731_10_03_36_ProThe weekend started on Friday, as per normal, with the usual singers supplemented by a lady called Anita, who memorably sang about her “Designer Vagina.

The bus started out from Parrys’ corner at 8.00 am and we were quickly on the open road. EmCee had organised a quiz, which was won by the bad boys on the back seat; foul play was suspected but unproven.

Llanwrtyd Wells claims to be Britain’s smallest town, but is home to a myriad of events, such as worm charming, gravy wrestling, wife carrying, Russian egg roulette and of course, bog-snorkelling. I borrowed some kit from the hotel to try the latter, but failed even to negotiate the U-bend. EmCee won a bottle of his favourite Lambrini for being “Tw*t of the Weekend” (insert a vowel of your choice), for his singing; we didn’t expect him to be in tune but expected him to manage the timing. Jenny was the hitherto undiscovered singing talent – needs grooming.

Thanks to Val for suggesting the venue and to Jeff once again for doing all the graft. Thanks also to everyone who turned out, busting a gut to have a good time, I’m proud to call you my friends.for John (12)

A picture says a thousand words, or two thousand of mine, so I’ve put together a slide show with music and a good few video clips of the weekend; just click on the link below, preferably watch it on full screen on Youtube.


One Response to “Llanwrtyd Wells weekend, July 29th – 31st 2016”

  1. Brilliant John. You managed to capture so many special moments from our fabulous weekend. I relived the ‘experience’ & laughed from start to finish. Many thanks. Val ☺x

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