Treasure Hunt 2 (July 25th 2017)

The met office had smiled on us yet again as we met in a car park in the arse end of Rhyl for this year’s answer to the thinking man’s Le Mans. The clues were compiled this year by last year’s winners (still being contested in the courts) Andrew and Ruth.

Having been given the paperwork, Los Alfrescos were quickest out of the blocks, with the crazy Antipodean at the wheel. Their haste would cost them dear. Val had refused to travel with her brother and Wendy after last year’s in-car violence and opted for the relative tranquillity of Ann and Frank, so Lesley and myself were given the task of keeping the peace in team VW. The blue UN. helmets were a bit hot. We travelled through the back streets of Rhyl and on to Prestatyn. Glenys had an obvious advantage  as the clues here were all within 50 yards of her workplace and the Alfrescos forged further ahead. Keeping to the speed limits we picked up further points (or some of us did) in Meliden, although nobody could find the blue plaque on the house where Blythin grew up. Possibly because he has never grown up.

Team Durno had turned up in a 4×4 with the yoof contingent, but the extra traction and more active brain cells couldn’t swing it in their favour. A walk down Rhuddlan High Street did not trouble any of our teams as all the clues here were found by everyone.

Leaving Rhuddlan for Gwaenysgor, I was more comfortable on the twisty country lanes and the tailpipe of the Skoda was soon in sight. Team VW soon then hovered up the remaining clues in the village and we sauntered into the car park of our final destination, the Eagle and Child.

Despite the lighter weight of their vehicles, the teams of 2 obviously suffered from a lack of extra cerebral input, as was evident when the scores were totted up.

The Eagle and Child brought out a buffet for us (bang on time, unlike last year at Llanfair TH). Bri and Adie picked up the “consolation” prize (beer), but the bottle of wine frankly was only ever going to one team who would have picked up a perfect score had it not been for the “Falls” question being very badly phrased. The winners were of course very gracious and modestly accepted their prize and medals.

Another fun night for which we must thank Andrew and Ruth, not forgetting the Eagle and Child for their hospitality.


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