Profile – Alun Rhys Jones

The Phones;-july 31 alun

Alun is a self-employed musician and piano tuner, having retired from his job with B.T. Born in St. Asaph and brought up in Rhyl, he is a self-taught musician. Encouraged by his father Alun played cornet and flugel with Rhyl Silver Band and Point of  Ayr Colliery Band but now plays guitar,accordion,  banjo, mandolin, keyboards, gob-iron, and a bit of flute……..a proper smart-arse!!!

Alun first came to the club at the Bee in 1970, obviously still in his pram.

Musical heroes include James Taylor, Paul Brady, Ralph McTell, Saw Doctors, someone called Bobby McFerrin, Beth Nielsen Chapman, John Wright, Ted  Robshaw, Ewan McColl and of course Jeff Blythin.

At the club Alun lists his likes as :- Friendly atmosphere, varied styles, cheap beer and occasional  surprises.

Dislikes :-  Music Stands !!!!!      If you need the words & dots in front of you, THE SONG’S NOT READY !

Desert Island Discs would include You’ve got a Friend (James Taylor) , The Island (Paul Brady) , Blackbird (McCartney) , New Favourite (Alison Krauss) , Language of the Heart (John Wright Band ) , Valley of Strathmore ( Silly Wizard ), How we Love (Beth Nielsen Chapman), & Now I’m Easy (June Tabor / Martin Simpson) .

Other thoughts  ………..Sing while you’re still breathing!

You can listen to Alun (and see him with variable amounts of facial hair) at


One Response to “Profile – Alun Rhys Jones”

  1. Alun is one of those irritating prodigies who seems to be able to knock a tune out of every instrument ever invented by man. His guitar technique is awesome (and that’s a word I don’t use very often). I especially like his version of ‘Sally Gardens’. Lovely melody and beautifully performed.

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