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“Painless” John Shepherd.

John retired from NHS Dentistry in 2008 and is now a full time bon-viveur, chef, gardener, travel photographer and part time mole catcher.

A northern lad, John was brought up in Burnley, Lancashire and ran off to join the circus but was rejected for his complete lack of talent – a scenario which was to dog him for the rest of his life. He moved to North Wales in 1977, opening a practice in Llandudno. Moved back over the border, this time to Cheshire in 2021, instantly reducing the property values in the area.

John started going to folk clubs in Lancashire as soon as he was allowed into pubs, coming to Rhyl Folk Club back in1988 while it was at The Bee.

Rumours that he was once married to Lulu are completely unfounded.

Being tone deaf, he started performing monologues and now sings anything from tear jerkers to top shelf porn!

Painless is much sought after in other clubs around the area as a top class heckler.

Early influences included Ralph Mc Tell and Dave Burland and John discovered Scottish Folk while working for the Highland Health Board up in Caithness.

Favourite Jocks include The Corries, Silly Wizard and Wolfstone.

Desert Island Discs  (CD’s):           Ralph Mc Tell – Not ‘Til Tomorrow

Dave Burland – His Masters Choice

Duncan Chisholm – Redpoint

Painless John – Filling Time

Now the proud owner of 2 Lowden guitars, John hopes to increase his repertoire by learning a 4th chord.

A very sad individual, John looks forward to his Friday nights at the club, just for the craic and to see some of his very few friends. He is another of the group who get pee’d off by music stands on the stage. Learn the friggin’  words!


2 Responses to “Profile – John Shepherd”

  1. Painless John has carved out his own special image as a grumpy purveyor of black humour. His Christmas offering, ‘I’m the man who slits the turkeys throats at Christmas’ was one to rank alongside ‘Santa Bloody Claus’. A National Treasure so far as his fellow grumpies are concerned.

  2. Janet Blythin Says:

    would also like to point out that he has a famous son.

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