Bubbles Blythin’s smouldering 10


Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan

If only for Desolation Row, I was going to put “Blood on The Tracks” down but as Andrew has rescued that I can listen to his copy.

Electric Lady Land – Jimi Hendrix

The first album I listened to with Stereo headphones nearly blew my mind away – fantastic.

Paul Olivers’ History of the Blues.

I know it’s a compilation but it’s one persons’ compilation and could be viewed as educational. There are some amazing songs, sounds etc. on it. Starts off with the Fra Fra Tribesman, great.

Tune for Michael – Tom McConville

This is a brilliant album for sitting back and relaxing to. Fantastic new arrangements for some old standards that brings them beautifully back to life. The title track is dedicated to Tom’s old mate Michael who used to make his violins for him.

Otis Blue – Otis Redding

Takes me back to the days of yore at the Lido and holidaymakers. A bit of everything from stomping red-hot Soul numbers to beautiful ballads – nice if you’re with a lady.

Love – Arthur Lee – Love Forever Changes

Can’t say enough about this album. Superb memories and I’d never heard anything like it when it first hit the shops. First album got worn out, second stolen by the kids, so I had to buy the C.D. – “Da Capo” comes very close second to this.

Ry Cooder – Ry Cooder (1970)

This was one of the most difficult to chose – I love nearly everything Ry Cooder has done so in the end I just had to toss a coin. Brilliant guitar playing (goes without saying really) good vocals and the choice of material is superb. Sleepy John Estes guests on ‘Dead Presidents’.

The Blues at Newport 1964 – Various

I know it could be considered to be another compilation but this is the first Blues (Rural) music I ever heard. Colin Blythin is to blame it was his. A whole new fantastic world opened up for me.


Again a git of a choice, he’s done so much fantastic stuff over the years but for me this covers nearly every aspect of his music, from straight performance to some of his ‘off the wall’ stuff.

Côr Meibion Pontypridd – Pontypridd Male Choir

Got to be in if only to remind me that even though the house has burned to the ground we can still sing: – “Praise the Lord we are a musical nation” – Eli Jenkins.


3 Responses to “Bubbles Blythin’s smouldering 10”

  1. Look here, no compilations, and someone is going to have to mention John Hiatt.

  2. nice list

  3. Dave Rothwell Says:

    Like em all!

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