Jones the Phones’ snatched 10

dec 14 arj
OK My ten favourite albums across the board would be a right old mixture, so for the purpose of the Folk Club, I’ll stick to my “folkier” choices, not in any particular order:
2   COLLECTION – Mary Black (that’s collection, not compilation)
3   RUM, BUM and CONCERTINA – Of Course…!
4   OF MOOR AND MESA – Steve Tilston and Maggie Boyle
5   TWO JOURNEYS – Tim O’Brien
6   LIVE @ CONWY FOLK CLUB – Mike Hand
7   BOOKENDS – Simon and Garfunkel
8   LONELY RUNS BOTH WAYS – Alison Krauss and Union Station
9   0 – Damien Rice
10  I LOVE EVERYBODY – Lyle Lovatt
But watch this space, ‘cos if you axe me again in a week’s time, most of it will be different… 🙂


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