Mike Hawkins’ 10

Nov 23 mhWant to know what Mike listens to at home?Tapestry  – Carol King

Lovely songs, beautifully sung, timeless

Goodbye Cream

Cream were incredible; picking just one of their albums was difficult

Bridge Over Troubled Water  -S & G

Beautiful harmonies, beautiful songs.

Contemporary Campbels  –  Ian Campbel Folk Group

This brings back so many memories of when my hair was brown and my joints didn’t creak (did you roll your own? – Ed.)

Ashes and Diamonds   –  June Tabor

Fantastic songs sung with feeling as ever by June Tabor

Penguin Eggs  –  Nic Jones

Unbelievable guitar and vocals from Nic Jones, who was lost to folk music for so long.

Blue  –  Joni Mitchel

Lovely singing and meaningful songs take me back so many years.

Complete Beatles

This CD contains every Beatles LP. Priceless.

Best of Stan Rogers

Another singer / songwriter cut short in his prime.

Borrowed Moments  –  Bob Fox

Beautiful songs, beautifully sung by Bob Fox in his prime.


One Response to “Mike Hawkins’ 10”

  1. Dave Rothwell Says:

    Great Mike! I like the Ian Campbell LP, I had it as a lad. Particularly fond of Four Pounds a Day.

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