Friday November 25th 2022

That’s more like it! Lots of bums on seats, lots of noise but lots of barracking and abuse for the poor, mild mannered soul doing his best to MC. You lot don’t deserve me. The blog is a bit late today, as Brian and Sue have been down from Co. Durham this week and I’ve been trying to tidy up their room after they left this morning.

I opened with a couple of Scots songs then Lesley played “Mrs. Shepherd’s Fancy”, written by ARJ.

Everyone had chorus songs tonight from the start. Mike had a couple including “Leaving on a jet plane. Fred and Lesley P delved into fox hunting. Rhyl Folk Club has no official stance on blood sports, but we would certainly not be averse to seeing Jacob Rees Mogg torn apart by a pack of Rottweilers.

Alan was still shamelessly plugging his new CD and Adrian sang of a transvestite aboard ship, a song which contained the only death of the night. Dafydd basically got the audience to sing the song for him.

It’s always a treat to have Kevin in our midst, especially when he knocks out a Saw Doctors’ tune. Tonight he had chosen a shirt to match his guitar strap – attention to detail rarely seen these days.

In a world seemingly full of bigotry and hate, the Warbies are a liitle splash of love and affection to brighten our lives. John sang a song he had written for Carole as he said it was 56 years since they went on their first date. Sorry John, no cigar, when Carole revealed it was actually 54 years. Similarly Carole had a poem for John and another about the art work on John’s guitar case (done for him by Neil Martin).

Alun had some Dylan for us -“to make you feel my love”. A bit of gob iron would have been nice with it.

Despite this wealth of goodies, the highlight of the night was always going to be our chums from up North.

How fortuitous that the request pulled out of the box last week was for them to sing “The Bergen”, so we managed to squeeze 4 out of them altogether. A rotund Welsh gentleman sprinted on to the stage to join them in Dougie MacLean’s “Down too deep”.

We’ve had some great fun with them while they’ve been down this week, including a trip to Liverpool, where we taught them a bit of Scouse (we ate chechen in a perple shert).

The finale was “Peggy Gordon” In G. Only Alun could reach it. In D next time please!

Most of you know that Sue has had a rough time these past few months, and they really appreciated everyone’s concern and tried to talk to everyone during the course of the night, but Sue sends apologies for missing the Stokies. The club presented her with a bunch of flowers and hope things will get sorted out.

They’ll be back again, just as soon as I’ve repaired their trashed room.

We’re all back next week.


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