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Friday August 17th 2018

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There are some nights which will remain long in the memory; this was one of them.

We were missing Adrian, North Wales’ self acclaimed “King of Soul”, who was too upset to turn out following the death of Aretha Franklin. He may sing “Say a little prayer” next week.

Last week we had a “singaround”, which by all accounts was well received – special thanks to Tony, Mel and Colin for helping us out.

Rick and Delora started us off with a very restrained set, although “Ride On” picked up speed as it went into the final furlong (a furlong is about 200 metres for the younger reader, but more of that later).

There was a lesson on “the clove hitch” from EmCee as he ruined the guitar lead with a demonstration of his skill with the knots then a set from me.

Mike had his first official gig with the club guitar. It’s not such an easy instrument to learn these days since Bert Weedon’s book went out of print but an excellent effort.

Jeff had had to forget some of his gags for the night, because we had some very young people in our midst. The Maguire family were on holiday in Prestatyn. This would normally be reason to be detained under Section 63 of the Mental Health Act, but mum had brought along her children, thanks to a tip off by AWR’s brother, to play for us. Irrespective of age, this was an awesomely talented group of people. With ages ranging from 9 to 15, between them they can play almost any instrument you can name that is likely to turn up in a session.

Tonight Maisieanne played mandolin, Ramona was on bodhran, Shenara played fiddle and wee Shia kept superb time on his uke. I hope I’ve got those names right.

We were treated to jigs, reels and hornpipes in a truly memorable set, finally ending with Shia tapping his way across the floor with a prodigious display of Irish dancing.

Very few turns at the club have received a standing ovation. Let’s not forget the parents who have nurtured this talent and undoubtedly made many sacrifices – feel free to be very, very proud.

Even Alun couldn’t follow this so we had an early break. Sarah Wilkie would have won the £30 Snowball so it rolls over to £35 next week.

Alun continued the Irish theme with “Welcome Paddy Home”.

Geoff Durno had turned up late with no note and no guitar. he borrowed mine – sounds nice when it’s played properly.

Jeffrey was at his very best with “Buckets of rain” after a song by Skip James (no relation to the bush kangaroo who had his own tv series – what a load of crap that was -“whaddya say Skip, there’s a little boy trapped down a mineshaft?). Which reminds me how much we are all missing Aussie John. Give me a ring. T Gwyn was going to do some Betjeman but the “adult” content was not deemed suitable for the audience tonight.

Sadly mum had to take her flock back to Prestatyn before we had chance of another set from them, but the rest went round again.

After “yoof” night this week it’s “geriatric night” next Friday with the probable appearance of a couple of my elderly mates, Nick Jackson and the teuchter with the harp (maybe the bagpipes?), Andy Anderson. Although it beggars belief, these two seem popular. No accounting for taste. I’m doing the blog early this morning as it is Llannefydd show today and there’s stuff to be done, but AWR has this instant sent me the link to a You tube video of the Maguires. He’s probably just going to his bed now; well done that man. Here’s what you all want to see.


Friday August 3rd 2018

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It was a brave decision by EmCee to put Jeff on first. Could he perform while sober? Brian tried to rattle him from the back with a (very good) “nob” heckle, but Jeffrey necked as much beer as he could as he pretended to tune up. Unfortunately it was gassy bottled beer. Undaunted, his first song mentioned the Israelites, which upset many Labour party members. Nice guitar work though in “Don’t think twice”.

Mike got everyone singing with a rousing “Leave her Johnny, leave her” (she aint worf it). His other offering was Andy Irvine’s rip off of “Salley Gardens”.  There was to be a bit of an Irish theme throughout the night, as I continued with “Galway Shawl”.

Adrian was still smarting re. his aborted holiday and his ongoing dispute with his insurance company who unbelievably seem reluctant to dip in their pockets. Nice shirt tonight, would have looked the business in Cannes. On the positive side. he still has his Euros, which are increasing in value against the pound daily as Brexit approaches. Brexiteers are like old televisions – if you give them a good hard slap, eventually they get the picture but it’s all too late (other opinions are available but not worth your consideration). This week’s word was “expatiate”

Alun sang the lovely Dougie Maclean song “Down too Deep” before asking us to join in his Irish song with an 8 line chorus – no  ***!!!** chance! The Irish accent may have caused offence. To speak Irish, you only require 4 words – “Well”, “Oil”, “Beef”, “Hocked”.

Rick and Delora had an almost faultless version of “Down so low” and then the “New Tennessee Waltz”. EmCee was swiftly put in his place when he confused it with “The Tennessee Waltz”.

Brian struggled with adjustment of the microphones and the old git had to be given a lesson. Not rocket science. His Irish gag probably caused further offence. “A sailor’s life” was never going to end well as it was in a minor key. A similar no-laughs outcome also in “Derwentwater’s Farewell”, although Lord Derwentwater did partake in a successful medical trial, when his migraine was cured. By a bloke with a big axe.

Roddy Witherspoon? – haven’t seen him for a few years. If he’d been there on Friday he’d have walked away with £25 in the Snowball. There has been a noticeable absence of marmalade and other preserves in the raffle lately, maybe EmCee’s jam pan got mislaid in the house move?

EmCee allowed us just one each in the second half. When it looked like he was going to finish too early (a common problem, according to Ruth) he attempted a filibuster. “Mingulay” to finish was excellent.

Next week will be slightly different. Due to the absence of several members (myself and Ruth included, so no blog) there will be an informal singaround with no pa. and no charge to come in. Someone was worried that everybody would be asked to do something – this is definitely not the case. Just come along with your drinks and enjoy yourselves. However, if you fancy having a go, this is a great opportunity to do it, if you want to sing, dance, read something or play an instrument (strippers and lap dancers of either sex will be particularly welcome), you’ll receive nothing but support. Back to normal on the 17th.

Here’s Alun singing “Down too Deep” from the 1st Tynewydd live cd. Music doesn’t get any better than this, give it a couple of minutes of your time – I assure you you’ve got nothing better to do.



Friday July 27th 2018.

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Many people seemed to have waited for the rains to come and then gone on holiday, so we were short of a few bums on seats. The Pritchards were at home captivated by their recently acquired Susan Boyle CD and they forgot it was Friday, which left AWR to MC, with  a bagful of historical links, and me to do the photos.

Brian’s little boy had been caught with a packet of Woodbines in the shed and had been grounded for a week, so it was back to El Toro solo – usual fare of poaching and transportation, but there was also a lovely Anna Shannon song “Out of the Gold” about dead horses in WW1.

Geoff Durno was “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. If he’d been using the club condom, I hope he gave it a boil wash. That was bad taste, even for this column.

The artist formerly known as Adrian West will henceforth be known as “Martin”. Some smut. His tune this week was Meatloaf’s “Bat out of hell” (longstick).

“Summer Before the War” is always one of Alun’s crowd pleasers. It was written by Hugh Williams; my granddad was Hugh Williams (from Bala) – I don’t remember much about him but I think it unlikely that he wrote this particular song.

I don’t remember Mike singing “Cliffs of Dineen” before. He got it from his Daniel O’Donnell LP, “Hard Boiled Eggs”. A shanty for afters.

We haven’t seen Phil Williams for many months. Playing with his unorthodox “thumb and no fingers” style he knocked out a pair of Eric Clapton songs on his Stratocaster. “Layla” is on at the end. (I preferred “Tears in Heaven” but as my wife tells me everyday, I know nothing.)

The Break. The Snowball would have been won by Sandra Christie – it’s £25 next week and Martin is becoming interested.

“Tarantella” by Hilaire Belloc and a piece about the murder of the Miami Show Band were T Gwyn’s offerings in the culture section.

AWR followed this up with his own take on Tarantella with “Do you remember a van Miranda”,  poem about ice cream and Vienetta in particular. It was always a special occasion in our house as kids when a Vienetta or Arctic Roll appeared, usually with tinned fruit salad.

A couple from me gave people time to go to the toilet.

Jeff sang “Trouble in mind” and another which he didn’t introduce and I don’t know what it was, so you’re none the wiser. The camera caught him apparently fondling a pair of 42″ DDs.

Singers night next week. Get out your air guitars for “Layla”

Friday July 20th 2018

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The night began with a visit from the sweet kids brought over for a months respite from their contaminated environment around Chernobyl. They sang one song in Ukrainian and then we all joined in for “If you’re happy and you know it”. Everyone’s heart melted. We all got a hug before they left. Even a miserable heartless cynic like myself shed a few tears. These children have no prospects and indeed very little future due to the extreme levels of radiation they live with every day, and yet they seem such a happy bunch. I hope we will continue to raise funds for them.

It’s only a couple of weeks ago since I opened but EmCee put me on first as I had wronged him in a previous existence.

Rick then had a tune on guitar -got at least an A from me, but “Living with the animals” isn’t a favourite.

Alun was full of himself (no change there) as he’d just come from Rhyl Pavilion where he’d been tuning the grand piano of one Julian Miles Holland OBE.(cash only). Sir Tom Jones was also appearing and popped in to do a couple of songs. Alun’s “Rare ould times” brought back memories of Ken Davies singing it at the Bee, but I’m trying hard to erase them.

Jeff’s poor anus had been tattered and turned inside out by day 4 of his illness. Keep on the right side of the law Jeff, that’s what prison is like. He is now a leading expert on the Wood Ant (Formica Rufa) as he spent much of last week watching day time tv on his portable with his trousers round his ankles.

Geoff Durno was a bit confused because he is on drugs. One of his offering was about Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. Fake news? Possibly. Fake photos? Certainly.

Mike had “Song for Ireland” in various keys. Needs a new verse about the wall that will be built following a no-deal Brexit (and the Irish are going to pay for it).

In the breadless raffle, Ruth won a magnum of bleach, I got a bucket and spade and Sheila won a night of unbridled lust with Sir Tom Jones. The Snowball would have been won by ball number 2, but Carol Bull will remain skint and it rolls over to twenty quid next week.

Adrian West had almost stopped sulking after cancelling his luggzury holiday in the South of France. He would be ill advised to wash his electric blue tee shirt with other items. I find myself unabe (or unwilling) to join in the chorus of “Twanky dillo”. This sort of stuff gets folk music a bad name.

T Gwyn had been to Liverpool this week. He advised us to go to the John & Yoko exhibit at the Liverpool Museum (I would add to dip in your pockets before the end of October and got to the Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum as well). He read Lennon’s “Deaf Ted, Danoota and Me” and also did an impression of Yoko Ono. You get your two quid’s worth at Tynewydd.

The first rounds were still not completed. Andy Gallagher had an excellent gag and some country type good ol’ shitkickin’ music. Looking a bit aggressive on the photo, Andy.

We hadn’t seem Mel for a few weeks. He separated the audience into bass and castrato for choruses of “Mud, glorious mud” and as a lesson to the wealthier sorts (like Mr. West) demonstrated the pitfalls of avoiding DIY and paying a man to do it with “Twas on a Monday morning when the gas man came to call”.

Not quite time for one each, but there were stunning performances from Jeff and Geoff, the latter I’ll put on at the end.

Housekeeping :-

There is a possibility of a weekend in Menai Bridge on October 13th. I can’t make it (a good reason to go) but if you wish to “show interest” see Jeff next week. If you can’t make it next week, e mail me at and I’ll pass it on. Edna is hoping Stuart will be well enough to go by then – we’ve all missed you, good to hear you’re on the mend. Also Colin says he might get back soon.

This is a photo of the bottle Steve Jones, generous as always, donated to the club to raise funds. We’ll raffle it at a later date. Retails at anything over £140 in the UK.

Listen to Geoff Durno and unwind.



Friday July 13th 2018.

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A packed room welcomed the return of Jez Lowe – he went down so well 2 years ago we had to get him back. AWR was left to deal with the PA as Jeff had a meteorological disturbance in his guts. Virtually everyone in the room came up with the same gag – “normally he just has verbal diarrhoea” (it’s as difficult to spell as it is to remove from your underwear). Alun was missing with a barbed wire throat and Adrian should have been in France. His flight to the South of France was cancelled due to the presence of Air Force 1 in the sky over London. Not fake news – I couldn’t have made it up. In the event, the belligerent old git cancelled his holiday and presumably went to get pissed with his mates at the Bangor Morris Men’s reunion instead.EmCee got off at 8.00 with Mike, myself and the Bull Brothers as warm up. (Spanish basic error from EmCee – it’s not “El” Toros, it’s “los” Toros in the plural).

Jez started off with three on guitar before strapping on the cittern and gob iron for “Latch key lover”, then mandolin for the ever popular “Wrong Bus”. It’s all too easy to be drawn into the songs and miss the magic coming via his fingers on the strings. As always, lots of catchy choruses throughout, the first half ending with “Black Diamonds”.

In the raffle, Frank won “The grumpy git’s guide to technology”. No need to say more. Margaret Mead would have won the Snowball, but she wasn’t there so it is £15 next week. Steve Jones had come over (with Trump?) from the USA and has given the club a very special bottle of “Sinatra Select” Jack Daniels, which will be raffled at a later date. Many thanks for your generosity once more, Steve. Please take the orange fat bloke with the quiff back with you and don’t bring him here again. Here’s a link to a very funny piece in the Grauniad

Part 2 got under way with some lustful Betjeman from T Gwyn, a couple from Terry McKenna and 5 minutes of my life wasted and lost forever courtesy of John Killion and that awful, tedious “Push the damper in”.

Another crackerjack set from the man from the North East (not Wrexham).Some real gems, including a new song about a Roman Fort unearthed in Newcastle and a frozen soldier buried there for centuries thawed out by a couple of drunks relieving themselves into the dig. Some  dodgy Latin, but very, very funny.

Normally I’d put in a recording of this, but we have to remember that Jez does this for a living so if you want to hear it again, you’ll have to dip into your pockets.

Lots of happy faces going out of the door at the end. Thanks to Jez for coming along  and brightening up our wretched lives. Where else can you get a night of such quality for a fiver? Even the woman who works Parrys’ Corner charges a tenner (reductions for pensioners on a Monday).

Next week is a singers night but we are hoping for a visit from some of the “Children of Chernobyl” for whom we raise funds. This will be a very moving and humbling experience – be prepared to shed a few tears.

Friday April 18th 2014 (50th Anniversary).

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apr_18_3_rr cutoutApr 18 8 rrWith a capacity crowd and a long list of singers, Andrew rolled up the sleeves of his K.F.C. shirt (other take-aways are available) and got off to an early start. If you want to see everyone who sang, look at the collage at the bottom, the list is too long to mention everyone in the blog.

apr_18_4_rrIt was a delight to see and hear some of the “old-timers” who had made the effort to be at the club on our 50th anniversary. Darryl got “premature clap” when, merely pausing in his song to take a swig from his pint of Chilean merlot, some of the audience thought (wished?) he’d finished and put their hands together. I owe a great personal debt to Darryl for his encouragement when I first started at the club over 25 years ago. If you think I’m crap now, you should have heard me then! apr 18 16 rr

Hadyn Smith, looking very dapper, first sang at the club in 1966, and despite having to be somewhere else on the night managed to turn up to give a moving version of “The Fish Finger Blues”.

I’m not sure how Brian got through “All the little chickens”, with the wall of sound of farmyard animals coming back at him. Brian looks almost as young as ever (due to the picture in his attic), but alas, Jeff seems to have now stopped exfoliating and using his moisturiser and is showing 6 of the 7 signs of ageing; the only one he fails to demonstrate is rigor mortis. Jeff has been doing much of the graft for the club for years and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. That unfortunately doesn’t stop me taking the piss.apr 18 14 rr

Thanks to all the ladies who provided the food and to everyone who brought stuff for the raffle. Except Mike Hawkins. Those who read last weeks summary may remember he returned a perfectly good bottle of booze which he then won for a second time. Sure enough it returned again this week. Hopefully it has now gone to a good home where it will be treated with more care and respect.apr 18 9 rr

It was fitting that young Mathew finished off the evening, after hearing the people who had carried the club through it’s first 50 years. Billy Connolly once likened life to a bus journey, where people keep getting off, sometimes before their stop. Over the years we’ve lost a few; Mike Hand, Kristen, Lindsay and of course, Ted. Due to the demographics of the club, it’s inevitable that more of us will be standing up and ringing the bell and we seem unable to attract a younger element to come and have a laugh on a Friday night, with the predictable end result of Mathew singing to an empty room (or a row of urns). We hope Mathew got his parents back to the home safely.

Guest night next week – Peter and Barbara Snape.50th collage finish

apr 18 21 rr