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Posted in Club Night - What happened? on September 18, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

The penultimate zoom session at Rhyl Folk Club and what started as a somewhat daunting, scary experience has, over 17 months become the norm and one of the best bits of the week. Of course, it will be great to be back face to face, but we will miss this greatly.

We were again blessed with the presence of the internet gremlins, people dropping out and in again, the boxes were fair jumping around! Please can you all remember to put a shilling in the meter next week.

There was a fore taste of the live club raffle in the guise of John’s bread- hope he remembers to make 2 loaves in a fortnights time. The chat this week was lively, John’s quiz of the week elicited a few predictable answers and there were gags aplenty, but you had to be there.

Don’t let anybody say they don’t have a laugh at the club.

This weeks received pronunciation award goes to Brian from Eastbourne, with aaas and graaas, his donkey song brought us nicely to Paul and memories from the 60’s with Val Doonican’s Delaney’s Donkey. All that was missing were the knitted jumper and the rocking chair!

And speaking of knitting, Carole was very cleverly copying a jumper pattern that she had seen Dafydd wearing (knitted by Bee). If we all put our orders in now we could be like Howard and Hilda from Ever Decreasing Circles by Christmas.

Of course, amidst all these shenanigans there was a vast array of quality turns and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you by listing them all, but you can see them all here on the recording.

Thank you all for making the club a great night and please come next week for the last regular zoom night.


Posted in Club Night - What happened? on September 11, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Hello and good morning all. Here is the short advertisement for the evening of entertainment that is the Rhyl Folk Club zoom.

Mike had ditched the dark glasses but still nearly tripped up over his horseshoes. Shops were the theme adopted by Andy (at Andy’s suggestion). Sounds like and advert for T****o to me. It brings to mind the old joke about saving fallen women- well, save one for me! The shop theme was extended to the German supermarket ditty. Other empty shelves are available.

Alun already has Bertie modelling

John missed the chance of putting Peter, Paul and Mary on, and Brian had 12 strings, which he expertly managed. Terry was not with us last night but B and S helped us out with their rendition of Dave’s Song off his fine CD, Falling More Slowly. John got his plug in for his favourite track which is the ante penultimate Where Are You Now. My plug, on a related note with regard all things Bob, is Jason and the Scorchers doing Absolutely Sweet Marie. Try that on You Tube, if you use the new browser, Brave, you’ll be spared the tiresome ads both before and in between.

Helen and Mike have been counting. Their 71 st offering was Our Very Special Friends, not a dry eye in the house!

The Dragon’s Breath contingent were on tour with that well known group Limited Internet.

Peter Cook had a self-penned number about the skills of a photographer and we had a new lady ( hurrah!) from our growing USA branch. Mary Ann McAllister, you are very welcome and we hope to see you again. Alun was keen not to rush his tale about a queen and a knight.

See you all next week and enjoy the night.


Posted in Club Night - What happened? on September 4, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Autumn has come around for the 2nd time now on Zoom, John Shepherd is bemoaning the weather and season as usual, this time it’s the anti cyclonic gloom, and despite his best efforts, we still we manage to fill the screen with talent from near and far.

The man in the dark glasses thought he was incognito – but everyone recognised Stevie straight away. It’s not easy reading braille and playing the guitar at the same time, but somehow, Mike managed.

Alan Manouch’s song Charlie O Charlie brought back memories of my dad, who was born in Gardenstown, Gamrie, just a few miles from the bonnie Buchan borders, in the heart of Doric Aberdeenshire.

This brings us neatly to today’s Doric term – “ACOUSTIC” – An implement used by a Scottish farmer to herd his cows.

Scouts featured heavily this evening, with campfire songs. We hope that, occasionally, the scout masters can find the time and energy to join us at the club, after their duties, when we go live. Apparently Gaffer wanted to be a boy scout in 1958 – watch out Chas and Jan – a strange looking new boy, with hairy legs and a beard may turn up!

John Warburton was a late show, the men in white coats had been round to take away his wine sodden computer, but apparently they left him behind.

Things to look out for elsewhere tonight:

  • Brian and Sue’s 50th song at RFC – can you believe it?
  • Chas and Jan – with their backing group The Bee’s Knees
  • Fascist of the week – Mussolini
  • The singing diddy man – looked more like a great muckle Father Christmas to me. We want more from Geoff.
  • Unmuted chorus harmonies
  • New NHS drug – 10mg Durno tds
  • and This weeks piece of Received Pronunciation English – which came from non other than Alun Rhys Jones in the from of barrth.

Thanks everyone for joining us, Friday zoom nights are such good fun, lets hope they can continue in some form.

Friday August 27th 2021

Posted in Club Night - What happened? on August 28, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

August Bank Holiday! Who cares? Has anyone got a bank branch within a 20 minute drive?

There were people a plenty lamenting the demise of Don Everly, myself included; Bird Dog, Crying in the Rain and, of course, Hollands’ Meat Pies all featured.

Brian and Sue lead the tributes to the late Charlie Watts with a medley of Stones numbers, culminating in a take-the-roof-off rendition of Honky Tonk Women with Brian strutting provocatively round his front room.

Lesley educated the masses with another lesson in her native tongue, Doric.

Mike and Helen always look happy, despite the abuse they receive, although last night Mike admitted that he didn’t look good naked any more. We only have his word that he ever did.

Paul had to be corrected for his mispronunciation of “Garage”, which we all know is actually pronounced “garridge”.

Another confession came from Alun, who finally admitted what we had long suspected, that he is Mr. Pastry.

We’re back in the same place on Zoom next week, but for now here’s the recording.


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in an effort not to rush the end of my latest library book, ( Paul Howarth’s excellent crime thriller set in early Australian outback- Only killers and Thieves,) I joined the sound check early. A triumph of hope over reality, I can tell you. Anyway, I  got to hear Gaffer’s joke and advise JW on his guitar tuning. It was in b flat major with a dropped g on capo 4. Just so you know.

We had over 20 turns tonight, an outbreak of unruly dogs and more than one tribute to the great Nanci Griffiths.

But the big news is delivered with my chairman’s hat on.

The club committee has decided that we will return to live performances at our home venue, the Tynewydd Community Centre. I am pleased to say that the popular zoom sessions will continue until 24.09,21. We intend to start the club sessions on 01.10.21. I suggest that you keep one eye on our website at as well as our Facebook group’s page at Friends of Rhyl Folk Club, where we will make every effort to keep everyone up to date on developments.

It is axiomatic to re-iterate the club’s gratitude to all our zoomers over this period of difficulty. We have made many friends and been hugely entertained by the wealth of talent freely loaned to us on a Friday night.

The Singing Gnome

As an interesting and related footnote, you will remember Mark from Room at the Top ( Red Lion, Newburgh) , who last night suggested that the club that he is involved in is also re-starting on 20.09.21. They will also be offering one zoom session a month. This seems like an avenue we could productively investigate.

As I said above, we will keep you informed. Many thanks to you all from the chair.

Enjoy this weeks recording:

Friday August 13th 2021.

Posted in Club Night - What happened? on August 14, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Another smooth-as-silk performance from the good looking MC again on a packed night. Alun and Mike were late arrivals due to checking that we had functional PA, tables and chairs down at Tynewydd. There will undoubtedly be changes to the Zoom meetings in the coming weeks, but we will keep you informed via the website, our FB page and e mail. We will be Zooming next week.

It’s almost impossible to take notes as well as organise the rabble in my professional manner, so factual content here will be limited.

Virtually every performance was a highlight. I don’t know how we attract so much talent to our little club. Alan’s Muirsheen Durken took me back 25 years to great nights at a caravan site club with Fox Firkin. LOTS of audience participation,

John W showed an unhealthy interest in Bee’s hallucinogenic plants; once a hippy……..

Brian and Linda were back together (singing), we all wish you well Brian with your recovery.

Thoughts for the week:-

Is atheism a non-prophet organisation?

What if there were no hypothetical questions.

Is there another word for synonym?

If you try to fail but succeed, which one have you done?

Terry was, as always, a class act; tonight he was accompanied by the Clacton Philharmonic Orchestra (other musicians with a history of violence are available).

Brian and Sue played Mike Hawkins at his own game and nicked one of his songs – a very different interpretation of “Song for Oyerland”. They are the only people I’ve ever met who have “lost a field” – they’re bloody big green things with a fence round!

Much as it grieves me to admit it, I missed Mike and Helen, a pair who originally came for the one night but have stayed for nearly a year, unable to kick their Friday night habit of being insulted by the Burnley moron.

Alun is busy at the moment cleaning up after “Bertie”, the new addition to the family. A gorgeous bundle of cuteness.

The dog also has his merits.

Thanks again to all the lovely people who join us on Friday nights to bring a little pleasure to our drab wretched lives.

Here’s the recording.


Posted in Club Night - What happened? on August 7, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

The day after my birthday, the ice cream and cake are all gone and there are no clowns_______Oh wait a minute____they’re here___It must be Friday. It must be Rhyl.

Welcome to the mad house, newcomers Jo and Mike from Nottingham and Roy from Walsall, and welcome back Brian from Eastbourne, we hope you are well on the road to recovery, lovely to see you.

Earlier in the evening our chairman had designated “cocking a snook” as the hand signal for those who were still muted when they shouldn’t be.

The “sign” can be seen on several occasions throughout the evening, as, after 15 months of Zoom, the assembled company has yet to master the mysteries of the mute button.

John and Carole had some hand signals of their own!

Things to look out for this evening:

Sheila had a leg over.

Alan had been touched by The Spirit

T Gwyn had been to Greenham Common, 40 years too late for Greenham, but nothing changes and there’s still a need to speak out for nuclear disarmament. In fact, a late Storm blew in over the Atlantic and did just that.

Mike and Helen went for a real Rhyl ooooooh! with a key change.

Irene was at Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point on the British mainland.

John W was doing his best to claim he wasn’t English, his Liverpudlian accent kept giving him away.

There was some discussion later about whisky – John Alun and I agreed that Jura Rum Cask was one of the best – Dave from The Mumbles (with a strangely Dundonian accent) preferred Glenmorangie (my dad’s favourite too).

Another lovely night with friends and with many more turns for you to enjoy on the recording. Thanks everyone for making the club great.


Posted in Club Night - What happened? on July 31, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Good morning, a night of entertainment that is lightly marinated with lunacy awaits you bloggers this a.m., and we didn’t even have Gaffer.

A smooth as silk start, a bit like formula one, with bags of jiggling and juggling the muppet boxes in order for John to get the right mix, its all a matter of getting the rhyming to line up with the timing.

J.S. And Alun were a deux,as it were….. not in a biblical sense-obv. This new Premium Zoom update will allow duets, even if you are fifty miles apart- the wonders of modern technology as they say. This allowed ARJ the rare privilege of the lions and Christians slot. A sad song from Wales via Patagonia.

Natalia was there with a poem about the perils of longevity, and Mrs Hawkins was in praise of the small boats. Freddie was in hiding.

Highlights for you to especially watch out for are Brian and Sue with Old Man, Irene’s four Marys and a new song from the Jenkins twins.

Don’t get me going about the sheep in the meadow, or, John Prine covers. Did I mention Homeward Bound?

Get on and get in, thanks to all who made a belting night. See you all next week.


Posted in Club Night - What happened? on July 24, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

On a rather warm evening, while the young and foolish were out topping up their suntan, all the wise old gits were sheltering indoors at Rhyl Folk Club. Some of them were even enjoying themselves.

Apologies from – Alan Manouche, Edna and Stuart, and Dafydd and Bee.

Missing with no excuse – Glenys

With 7 ladies and 10 blokes at the start of the evening, it looked like the ladies were rising. The lads, however, couldn’t risk a take over and sent out for reinforcements as the evening wore on.

T Gwyn was fishin’ for a trout in the raffle, he must have had our ticket – we always win Llareggub as a famous Welsh poet once said.

The name of the village which is at the heart of the play—Llareggub—was originally part of the title, and although it might appear to be a Welsh name, it’s actually a play on words. When read backwards, it is phrase from British English meaning “nothing at all.”

Discussion about Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood

Storm advocated poisoning rabbits, (JS used to prefer the lead poisoning method) and Aitch suggested putting a dog in the microwave. The RSPCA will be knocking on their doors this morning!

Ray was with us for a 2nd time, it’s nice to hear a song sung in a proper accent.

Items of Interest to look out for in last night’s escapades:

  • The Colgate Ring of Confidence
  • The phone number for the heavy breathing line (oh, of course, you can’t see the chat!)
  • Terry’s dangly earrings
  • Natasha – our Russian Correspondent
  • The bi-lingual Davies Twins
  • The woman who does the lighting
  • Keith Price’s birthday cake ( ah! we’d eaten it all before the start.)

As usual, Alun, always first in, brought up the rear.

And the first shall be last as they say … or is it save the best …?

The Big Book

Here is the recording for you to enjoy, at your leisure and thank you everybody, for being part of our fun, if bizarre, club.

Friday July 16th 2021.

Posted in Club Night - What happened? on July 17, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Despite it being a relatively quiet night (in numbers only),the half wit running the proceedings managed to run very late. Edna informed us that Mike Hawkins had planted his face into the patio slabs and wouldn’t be able to join us. She could have at least tried not to laugh. Not a bad thing I suppose; when you’re young and you fall down everyone laughs and gives you a kick, old folk “have a fall” and everyone is concerned.

T Gwyn was telling us about Orig, a wrestler from S Wales with much ensuing conversation.

Gaffer was in sparkling form. In his first song, he referred to tourists as “haemorrhoids”, “they come down in bunches and are a pain in the arse”. “Boring Bodmin” – a timeless classic followed.

Maureen, always a welcome visitor, sang “The day we went to Rothsay O” in Scots dialect with her Canadian/Geordie accent, complete with a whoop at the end of the song.

This week’s points to ponder :-

If a man has an opinion deep in a forest where no woman can hear, is he still wrong?

Who thought it a good idea to put an “s” in “lisp”?

Gwyneth took us back to the days of Z Cars; most of the assembled muppets could recite the entire cast (although they can’t remember why they went in the kitchen).

The “audience” are as much a part of the club as the turns, and it was good to see the Stokies camping (illegally?) for free in Rhyl with better internet than they got at home.

Brian and Sue are a class act, no question. They say they don’t do paid gigs, but I’m sure we would all love to see them at Tynewydd when we can open up safely.

There was probably a 50/50 mix of music and banter last night, a lovely night with friends old and new. Alun usually rounds off the end of each half in style. Watch the vid to see.