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Friday May 26th 2023

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A fine turnout on a fine Friday night.I was wondering if anyone would sing “Tie my kangaroo down” or “Jake the peg”.

Alan was Andrew’s choice as “the special one” ie on first. Love his version of Burns’ “Silver Tassie”. Quickly followed by Fred & Lesley. I enjoyed their set so much I forgot to write down what they did. I’m old. Give me a break.

A fine tune from my lovely wife (I need the Brownie points) then everyone enjoyed singing along to “Galway Shawl” when I eventually remembered the first line.

Adrian was attired in a Warburtonesque shirt. We didn’t get a Morris tune as he couldn’t remember how it went. He’s old. Alun warmed us up for the Kimber’s Men night on the 9th June (8 o’clock start that night) with “Mingulay”.

Silas! What a joy! A young man playing the pipes. Fabulous sets of tunes flowing seamlessly into each other. All those nights when he could have been spending his time usefully playing Super Mario or Grand theft auto, he frittered away learning to play an instrument. I blame the parents. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and brought a tear to my eye. I suspect the neighbours heard it for free, but he did loosen the impacted wax in my ears. Loved every second.

Geoff had to follow that. He had the sense to start us all singing again, with the classic “Last thing on my mind”.

A welcome return for the three ladies of Broken Chord. A lot of work must go into getting those harmonies so tight. “Annies Song” – stunning. He would never admit to liking a John Denver song but I bet Adrian enjoyed it.

Singers’ night next week 7.30 start. Chester Folk festival this weekend just a couple of miles from me at Kelsall.


Friday May 19th 2023

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Our first night with a 7.30 kick off. Most got there for the start. A few arrived whilst I was half way through my set; you could see the disappointment on their faces when they realised they hadn’t missed me altogether. “Small Coal” is a Jez Lowe song, but more of that later. Lesley played the lovely “Dark Island”

Good to see Mike back. Sheila still isn’t in the best of health, and we all send her our love and big hugs. One of his songs was “Month of January” – too early or too late? Either way he pitched it a bit high to start but the end result was his usual flawless self.

Alun sang “London Danny”. This is the second of a Jez Lowe trilogy, the first being “Small Coal”. Nobody does “Another man’s wife”, the third in the series, which I think is the best of the lot.

Is writing “He owed me £50” in the funeral guest book wrong? Asking for a friend.

Geoff had a belated tribute to the late Gordon Lightfoot; “Home from the forest”. Hadn’t heard it before, but hopefully may hear it again sometime..

John W had pulled out all the stops tonight, sartorially speaking, with multicoloured clogs to match the waistcoat. Not a bad set either.

Carole recited two of her verses; “Balance and Harmony” and “For you will not!”. Always entertaining and always makes you think.

We had a few new faces amongst us last night including A YOUNG PERSON!!!!!. There were also a few old friends turned up. Recently returned from their near death experience on bikes were Tony and Alison. Tony was one of a few who’d been digging into their summer wardrobe for a shirt. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them. Nice set Tony. Not too sure about the shirt.

Following the break where alcohol failed to reach my table in the raffle (yet again), we had people with two X chromosomes. Margaret had ditched her 2 chums from Broken Chord and turned in a solo performance, including one of the greatest songs ever written – “Streets of London” Still sadly as relevant tody as when it was written 60 years ago.

I don’t think I’ve seen Jill Williams for 20 years. She gave Alun a hug when she came in. Last time she gave Alun a hug she could probably get her arms right the way round his girth. Despite being a bit croaky on the night, she managed a pretty powerful set. Lovely to see you again.

7.30 again next week

Friday May 12th 2023.

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It was “Welcometo the new look RFC” at Tynewydd last night. We’d ditched the pa, moved the stage area to the corner and arranged the tables and chairs in a more relaxed set-up. Everyone there agreed it was a good move.

Another change will be to start at 7.30 and finish about 10.00 to 10.15 as from next week.

The Kimber’s Men night on June 9th may have to revert back to 8.00 if they’ve publicised an 8.00 start. Watch this space.

A wide variety of turns provided our entertainment, starting with Alan, then Alun.

An equally diverse selection of songs. Rick sang “By Weary Well”; apparently a place where many children have been conceived – a sort of medieval Ford Cortina.

I dug out “Once loved a lass”, complete with the complete bo***cks riddle verse and Lesley played a Scott Skinner tune.

Adrian admitted to consulting Dr. Google (or getting Liz to do it for him more likely) to check the words for “South Australia”. In the event he got confused and missed a verse.

How Fred reads from a music stand 5 ft (152 cms) away baffles me, but entertaining as always.

Normally people play acoustic instruments, but last night a bloke turned up with an electric guitar and sang “Purple Reign”.

I missed them last time they were here, but we had a welcome return from 3 lovely ladies calling themselves “Broken Chord”. Guitars and a uke to accompany 3 lovely individual voices, great harmonies, what a treat. There were a lot of damp eyes at the end of “The Rose”.

The more intimate arrangement of seating certainly enhanced the chorus singing. There was even one lady singing A Patella (slapping knees in time).

OK – don’t forget we start at 7.30 next week and make the most of the light nights – another 5 weeks and the nights will be drawing in again.

Friday May 5th 2023

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There was no getting round it – it was a very quiet night, so it was sets of 3 first half.

Andrew had lost at bowls. Again. Not really built for sport.

I had a selection from N.E.Lancashire, and Lesley had a Phil Cunningham tune.

Alun got through “Only our rivers run free” with only the merest hint of prompting, but to be fair he hasn’t sung it for years. There was also a nice set of O’Carolan tunes. Have you ever thought how difficult it is to say “Irish wrist watch” three times?

John W admitted he was only wearing his cardi to support his pocket watch, given to him on his recent birthday. He didn’t think much of my suggestion to have his nipple pierced and support it from the ring. There was only one Warbette to support him tonight on “4 leafed clover”.

Carole had three lovely verses, ending with “What age do I have to be…?” Grow old but don’t grow up!

It’s not possible to touch your elbow with your nose.

Dafydd – mad, bad and dangerous to know. The moral of his story was “don’t nibble a girl’s ear if she has a fancy ear ring and you have a removable orthodontic appliance”. I was interested to hear that the appliance in question was a screw type; not often used and with a danger of anchorage failure. I don’t have the space here to discuss anchorage failure, but I’m sure we can talk about this fascinating subject further next week. There’s something going on this morning and Lesley has been up a ladder outside doing something.

Just Adrian left; three songs with a long stick dance sandwiched inbetween.

Hopefully we will have more bums on seats next week. It’s a shame there weren’t more last night as it was a belter of a night.

I bet you tried to touch your nose with your elbow didn’t you?

Friday April 28th 2023

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The prelude to the bank holiday weekend went off with a bang, and a dog barking. An evening of jollity and merriment and rousing choruses. All da iawn splendid as you might say. The Shepherds had made the entirely predictable and justified decision to avoid the hell that would be the A55 express at bank holiday w/e. The rest of the usual suspects were up for it and delivered, in spades.

The judges put John Warburton’s shirt in second place, slightly ahead of Alan Manouch’s startlingly blue trainers. For sheer sartorial brilliance though, it will be no surprise that first place goes to “memory man” Adrian West. This lad sets standards that ARJ can only dream of. A well considered ensemble of delicate pink socks with a matching T. The shout out, (a calend, if you prefer) was the two-tone pantoufle. Imagine a delicate caramel mixed with crème fraiche and barely a hint of a heel. Inspired, I tell you.

More next week, and I am going to root out my cleanest dirty shirt, good enough for Kris, is good enough for me.

Friday April 21st 2023.

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A big “thank you” to everyone who turned up for the AGM. Being quorate, the meeting proceeded in the standard format. Our chairman is seen here looking slightly bewildered, but he did a grand job, with Alun’s guidance.

As the club enters it’s 60th year, we really need more bums on seats and it was generally agreed that a publicity thrust was in order. Personally I would suggest we leave that until Tynewydd has had the refurb, as the building is now in a pretty dire state and not providing much of a welcome to newcomers. Or regulars.

John W started us off tonight with his own song “4 leaf clover”. Better when he had his backing vocalists.

Carole has a big birthday this week and we all wish her the very best. Tonight she had written a new poem about rabbits and squirrels. Gnomes were also involved.

Adrian was sowing the seeds of love. Don’t think about it too hard.

My choice for the evening was Ralph McTell’s “Easter lilies” followed by “Summer of ’46” – being 1746 when Bonny Prince Charlie skulked aroung the Hebrides having had a good kicking at Culloden. “The Green and the Blue” was my newbie, a Battlefield Band song I’ve been promising myself to learn for years – thanks to Fred and Lesley for belting out the chorus.

While we were waiting for Fred to get his act together, Andrew revealed his next thrilling page-turner which is to be published next week – “Pathogenesis; how germs changed history”.

Fred had now prepared himself physically if not mentally, and, helped along by Lesley, they livened things up with a cracking version of “Dainty Davey”.

A few of us had “new” songs tonight. The only version of “Matt Hyland” I’ve ever heard before was by Andy M Stewart (of Silly Wizard fame). I have to say that Mike’s version will be it’s equal (when his memory banks finish uploading the words fully). Excellent!

Dafydd almost overstayed his welcome with Frank Muir’s piece on the origins of the song “Supercalafragilisicexpialidocious”. John Warburton’s sister particularly enjoyed it.

Alun had a “new to him” song; James Taylor’s “Millworker”. And what a belter it was. I had a look at it about 15 years ago but quickly decided it was way above my ability levels, butAlun certainly did it proud.

Booze, bread and coffee in the raffle. All life’s necessities.

Here’s to the next 60 years!


Friday April 14th 2023.

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There was an injury hit squad for tonight’s fixture. Alun was oooozzing virus, with a cough, limitless snot and bubbling phlegm filling his lungs, so his Big Spot was again postponed. Andrew and Ruth had “gastro-intestinal” problems. I blame Andrew’s obsession with tapeworms. That left me to MC, but at least there was a big choice of floor spots.

Some very sad news this week. Frank Keogh has died. Fondly remembered as a stalwart club member and nice guy, he hadn’t been well for a while with dementia. As we’re all getting older, we have to accept that empty seats will inevitably appear. There’s a chance that we may be able to get Ann down to the club for an odd night, which would be lovely.

Frank in Jersey

I need to be off sharpish today, as I’m off to Yorkshire for my Dental School 50th Reunion. 50 years! How did that happen!

Long story short. Loads of singers, mainly blokes, but 2 ladies, both confusingly called Lesley. Some played guitar, some didn’t. One fiddle. A lorra lorra laughs inbetween.

Nice to see the Jenkins pair, Margaret M and the Stokies.

I don’t have time to Photoshop the images, they’re “as taken”

Next week it’s the AGM, starting at 7.30. Please try to get there. I know it’s dull but it’s a necessary evil once a year for half an hour to ensure the club keeps running democratically.

OK, that’s me done, I’m off up the M62. See you all next week. AT 7.30!!!!

Friday March 31st 2023.

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The ARJ Big Spot was postponed due to a surfeit of performers on the night. It will now be squeezed out on April 14th. Gives him more chance to practise.

Mike started with a pretty faultless set, despite not having practised much thinking it was a “spot” night.

Andrew’s long awaited book on tapeworms arrived this week. Containing only 32 pages for £7.99, his disappointment was evident. They look quite cute don’t they?

John W gave his usual half hearted (!!!!!) version of “Cousin Jack”, before Carole delighted us with more of her poems.

It’s always good to have turns other than “a bloke with a guitar”. The “Arthur Bowman Trio” bashed out some lively numbers to the accompaniment of banjo, autoharp, gob iron and bodhran.

Dafydd had some work by (or translated from the Welsh by – I didn’t fully understand) the bloke who translated road signs on Anglesey. Every day a schoolday. I fumbled my way through a couple of songs and (what I thought was) a half decent gag.

I was castigated by Mr. West when I misheard “Naval incontinence”. His second song, “The Keeper”, he assured us was one we’d all learnt at school. Not in Burnley, sorry.

How good it was to see Alan and Nick back performing together. Alan was visibly more relaxed being relieved of the burden of remembering the chords. Those who never saw Fox Firkin last century could only get a glimpse of what they’d missed. However, I still think Andy Mac carried them. (That should get me a slap).

Malcolm turned in an excellent set, although his little electronic box of Brian Race style reverbs etc was too loud. Good whistling on “Me and Julio…”. Wearing socks tonight.

Finally Alun. His Day of Fame was postponed till April 14th, the next club night.Apparently “Fanny Power” is not Women’s Lib or an Irish gambling company, but a tune, which Alun seamlessly blended into “Fiddler’s Green, written apparently by legendary Burnley winger of the 60s, John Connelly.

Then all round again in the second half.


Tynewydd is closed for the Bank Holiday (That’s a joke!Has anyone got a branch open near them?). So……..


Friday March 24th 2023.

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A quietish night, but full of quality stuff, with everyone (but me) on top form.

I kicked off, followed by Alun, fresh back from the Northern lights and ice hotel, with a neatly trimmed beard. What sounded like “an artificial song” turned out to be “an Archie Fisher song”. His second, “Little pot stove” turned into a BeeGees number when he changed the key to somewhere way beyond the reach of everyone else.

Mike was, as usual, in very fine voice. “A sailor’s life” predictably didn’t end well. Special treat tonight was a verse from Sheila – “50 shades of grey” was about 84 year old Mabel. Not one for children. Sheila may have a few ongoing health issues, but she hasn’t lost the sparkle in her eye.

John W. next. Nice shirt. Lots of Donovan tonight, including my favourite “Why do you treat me like you do?”

Carole had a new poem for us -“What age do we have to be?” Getting old is obligatory but growing up is a life choice.

I had a lovely photo of Dafydd laughing, but I managed to delete it from my camera as I was uploading the pics. You’ll have to remember what he looks like. A Welsh poem about bluebells. Today’s factoid – the Welsh for bluebell translates as “bells of the cuckoo”, as they come and go at the same time as the aforementioned bird. Every day’s a schoolday.

Rearrange Frank C Jackson and you get an American musician. Geoff sang a couple of his songs tonight. “Blues run the game” – never knew who wrote it till last night.

Adrian was back with songs and a tune. “Bush of Australia” was another not for the grandchildren. Adrian left at half time, not even waiting for the raffle. Mistake. He’d have gone home clutching a bottle of Cab/Shiraz.

Next week we have a big spot from Alun and hopefully something from 2/3 of the legendary Fox Firkin ie Alan and Nick (or Jackson L Nicholas). Not to be missed.

Friday 17th March 2023

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After an absence of 6 weeks it was good to return and see that Tynewydd had had it’s promised refurbishment. Or maybe it’s the medication I’m on.

Everyone seemed to have remembered it was “Paddy’s Night”, with a good variety of Irish stuff scattered through the night. This predictably gives many opportunities for joining in, so it does, to be sure. There was a lot of Irish verse as well, including Seamus Heaney and WB Yeats.

My offering of “Cheap Flights” is lavishly sprinkled with the Irish word “feck”. Dafydd recalled a cartoon in Private Eye (other satirical magazines may be available) which depicted an Irish scarecrow, which was simply a wall with “Feck off crows” painted on it.

We had a couple of “get your instruments and get up here and join in”songs; I don’t know what the audience think, but I enjoy them, so bugger everyone else.

If you look at the Website Homepage, you’ll see we have some “stuff” going on in the next few months, including the AGM on April 21st, a necessary evil if we are to remain a democratic club. As always the centre will be closed on Good Friday. Alun and Alan should be back next week.