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Friday, February 15th 2019

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Parish Notices:

We’ve been asked to remind everyone to take their rubbish home with them.

Our pals Neal & Shereen have started hosting a new folk club every other Tuesday in The Marine Hotel, Old Colwyn. This is on the number 12 bus route do you can all use your pensioner’s passes to get there.

The committee has decided that the current Snowball will be the last. It wasn’t won tonight so it’ll roll over to £15 next week.


John Shepherd’s in the Punjab, taking sitar lessons so, needless to say, the standard of performance was much improved tonight.

Back by popular demand – for one night only – was Emcee, who refused to let his shingles impinge upon his customary ebullience. We got two crime fiction recommendations but no CD reviews from him this week.

Having been absent for a fortnight, Alun Rhys Jones was up first and had managed to find a Welsh song even more sad than Lisa Lan: Gwyneth Glyn’s Cyn Delwyf i Gymru Nol.
Alun followed that with Mingulay, which everybody could understand without T Gwyn’s translation services. If, after all these years, you still don’t know what a cran of herring is, read this: .

Brian introduced Rufford Park Poachers as one of the oldest recorded folk songs (a wax cylinder made by Percy Granger). He followed it with something blatantly filthy and almost certainly fanciful.

Adrian West, soon to be Adrian O’West, knows some really weird songs. Nine dead babies and apes of Hell? Utter tosh! The harmonica was back though, with the ever popular short stick dance, Bean setting. Blowing away the mountain dew is apparently a euphemism. I don’t know what it’s a euphemism for but Mountain Dew is a fluorescent green soft drink from the USA and if I were doing anything euphemistic that ended up that colour, I’d be asking Jeff to recommend a doctor.

Speaking of Jeff, he’s been on exceptionally good form these last two weeks. Tonight he gave us Evangeline and the classic If I Were A Carpenter, which would be my choice for track of the week if I weren’t too busy typing this nonsense.

Mike Hawkins always does a belting job of Leaving On A Jet Plane: A song Mr West finds particularly poignant, after his last attempt to flee the country went so awry.

T Gwyn took us up to the beer break with Kipling and Banjo Patterson.

Alun launched the second half with an early rendition of Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun (9th of June) and finished with Boo Hewerdine’s It Made Me The Man That I Am. If you’d like to know more about the frankly harrowing subject matter of the song, Emcee recommends the film Oranges & Sunshine, which is available on Netflix (other online streaming services are available).

I doubt Brian can remember having to get up for work on a Monday morning but he’s still singing about it, thanks to Cyril Tawney.

Mr O’West gave us one of the plethora of variants on the them of John Barleycorn and almost made it through the always rousing shanty, South Australia, before his cough got the better of him.

Mike rolled out a couple of old favourites, Geordie and Get You A Copper Kettle. The latter prompted Emcee to soliloquise upon the theme of home-made distilled beverages. I say, go for it! Don’t worry about the excise men. They’ll all be too busy policing the Irish border after March.

We had time for a second set from T Gwyn tonight, including Ronsoval (Apparently Dafydd has some familial connection to the poet) and Mandalay: a British soldier’s bizarre belief that the colonials he helped oppress and exploit actually want him to go back there.

As the evening drew to an end, Jeff impressed greatly with a near faultless performance of Big Tall Mama.

People. When all our singers gather on stage for one last song, you’re all invited to sing along too! Just saying.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

Andrew The Younger


Friday February 8th 2019.

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Firstly, apologies for the late cancellation of last week’s club night at short notice – Mike was ill, Jeff was in a sling, I was snowed in and Alun was watching some rugby on the telly. so we thought it was unfair for the audience to have to possibly listen to 3 hours of Brian.

This week, Ruth was on grandmothering secondment and Andrew was fitting wooden tiles on a roof (maybe I misheard that one).

Jeff took over as MC this week, possibly because he had a lot of “hospital” stories to relate, which almost took us to the break.”Hesitation Blues” was worth waiting for when it eventually arrived.


Adrian, it must be said, had the cough to end all coughs. I can’t see him making it through the week, better draft an obituary. After one of his many songs featuring a motiveless murder, he somehow managed the Imperial weights & measures song “The Barley Mow”. His lungs weren’t up to a harmonica tune; we’re thankful for small mercies there then.

Jeff promoted T Gwyn up the batting order, away from his normal slot either side of the break. John Cooper Clarke’s “Beazley Street” – brilliant, took me back to being a kid.


As I was taking the photos , I couldn’t manage a selfie so Val (the Impaler) had a try again with my camera. Coming on Val, just a little more care in composition needed. I started “Roll on the day” in the wrong key. Ended up so high it was only audible to bats and insects.

Illness was very much in evidence last night. Mike had to wait a long, long time for the coughing to subside before he could start. It sounded like the Respiratory Ward, full of TB and pneumonia, the floor awash with yellow/green phlegm. “Just as the tide was flowing” summed up the stuff lapping up round our ankles.

Brian got an unexpected build up from Jeff (that was till he mentioned his predilection for “shit clothes”). Most of the turns had been doing chorus songs and Brian was no exception, singing “Liverpool Judies”. “Derwentwater’s Farewell” was somewhat solemn but demonstrated the use of a large axe to cure persistent migraines (and probably coughs). Brian was actually dressed “normally”  for once.

Ok, we were a bit down on quantity last night, but we made up in quality. A thoroughly enjoyable intimate evening, as I find the quiet nights often are. It was also a merciful release from Brexit. I think the only hope now is for a military coup, lead by the crack Special Forces unit of the Salvation Army. I’ll be away for the next few Fridays (probably with a chest infection), so there’s a reason to get off your bum and get down to Tynewydd.



Friday January 25th 2019.

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January 25th – St. Dwynwen’s Day (pronounced “Doynwen” if you’re South of Brecon) and Burns’ Night. Many performers rose to the occasion and we had a lovely mix of Welsh and Scots, in words and song. I think we should look to doing similar themes on other dates. Mike had to wait till the Old Bill had gone up the road with their blues and twos before singing Kate Rusby’s “Cruel”: we haven’t heard it before with guitar. Who says blokes can’t multitask?

Alun sang “Lisa Llan (I hope I’ve got that right, I’m sure I’ll be corrected if not **) before heading up North with “Lizzie Lindsay” incorporating a very dodgy Scottish accent, but full marks for effort.

Adrian had been to see the “Consultant of Geriatric Medicine” this week. If the cap fits….. . He sang “The night visiting song”, a song highlighting the difficulties experienced in courting in rural areas, before the days of modern transport. The bloke concerned also appeared to be dead, presumably one of Adrian’s Consultant’s failures. His Morris tune was “Shepherd’s Hay” (no relation) – this was a no-stick, clapping song . The Consultant had said he didn’t treat Clap, that was in the clinic down the corridor.

I followed with Burns’ two greatest hits; many were unaware that “Auld Lang Syne” had 5 verses, and most had never sung it (relatively) sober. I’d been for a haircut this week. The establishment I frequent may be of interest to Adrian as they now have an “Express Chair” for “10 hairs or fewer”.

Geoff Durno started off sitting in a railway station with a ticket for his destination before launching into his second song. Geoff has slapped a “D Notice” on this so sorry, I can’t comment.

My missus, Lesley, has played fiddle at the club in the past, but tonight she read an abridged version of Burns’ “Tam o’ Shanter”, a spooky story of a bloke worse for wear down the pub, riding home to face his wife. She followed this with a short verse concerning a teuchter with the hangover from hell who regained his health sufficiently to go down the pub again that night. What a pair of trousers on such an attractive woman, and what a brilliant performance – I don’t recall ever hearing better. She says I can go to bed with her tonight.

This took us to the break as EmCee thought no one should be asked to follow that.

During the break, Maggie won the £50 Snowball. I don’t want to appear bitter. I really don’t. After all, I’m on a winning streak – the past 3 weeks have seen me win marshmallow boobs, my own loaf and last night a bottle of non alcoholic mulled punch (Alun brought it in, says it was on offer in Aldi at 19p – overpriced). However my begging letter is in the post.

T Gwyn joined in the theme with one in Welsh for Dwynwen before progressing North to Caledonia and a Burns’ offering entitled “The Fornicator”. This was hugely entertaining and also made me smile as I thought of the alleged fornicator and alleged wannabee rapist Alex Salmond outside the court with his sickly smirk wiped off his smarmy face.

jan 25 rhRick was sucking up to EmCee (but not wanting to get him into bed) with something by Guy Clark – “Desperadoes waiting for a train” – if it’s HS2 they’ll have a bloody long wait.

** I’ve been corrected- it’s Lisa Lan.

Here’s Geoff with one he remembered.



Friday January 18th 2019

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EmCee had caught me dealing on his patch so he put me on first to teach me a lesson. “The System” is EmCees brainchild; it’s obviously an orphan.

Just as I was finishing, the silhouette of a deformed human appeared at the door and shuffled in. Only when I saw straight through the hole through his shoulder did I realise it was Jeffrey, arm fastened tightly to his torso. We haven’t got rid of him yet. Maybe we should ask Phil the Greek to drive him home?

Adrian had pure filth, veiled in only the most transparent of negligees with a “fol de rol” chorus to pass it off as folk music.

Alun got us rocking with one by “The Boss” (Springsteen, not God) then “Here we come a wassailing” with the addition of drums and sousaphone on his electric accordion. Priceless. Brian will be heartbroken to have missed it.

Mike had decided to give the guitar a rest this week, but his song about the last of the Clydesdales is fast becoming one of my favourites.

We’ve seen Ian at the club before, although it’s been a while. Tonight he did two cracking sets with his Dobro (other inferior resonator guitars are available). Hopefully he’ll be back before too long.

Rick and Delora knocked out “As time goes by” before Dlora buggered off for Rick to sing “I’m so lonesome I could cry” on his own.


Mel rounded off part 1 with a song about farting. Val (the cage fighting Val) will be sorry she missed that one.

During the break, Ruth brought in a cake – it’s Andrew’s birthday today (Saturday). I can’t believe it but he says he’s 70! I’d have put him down for at least mid to late seventies. I won my own loaf in the raffle (I’m still having fun with the marshmallow boobs I won last week though) and the Snowball rolls over to it’s maximum of £50 next week. If you’re not there you can’t win it.

Part 2 started with Dafydd taking over the culture spot in T Gwyn’s absence. As you can see from the photo, he read some Lenny Cohen. Very nice it was too.

We had perfect time (EmCee might be an old git, but he runs things like a Swiss watch) for two more each plus a guest appearance from John Killion to finish off. Gorupta Singh has now returned to the Punjab, you will be glad to hear.

Besides Val the Destroyer, Brian and T Gwyn, several others were absent last night, which was a shame because it was fun from start to finish and musically brilliant with of course the usual exception. If you want to hear what musical incompetence really sounds like, get your ears round this….


Friday January 11th 2019

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This week, Jeff was admitted to hospital after being shot in the head, presumably by a music lover; fortunately the bullet missed his brain by several inches. You were much missed last night, Jeff – hope you’ll be up and running soon. Brian opened with THREE on concertina, leaving many in need of psychiatric care.

Mike did the first song of the night to feature Virginia, after a guitar solo (the voice mic wasn’t working).

With a tenuous link to the Japanese resumption of commercial whaling, I sneakily knocked out 2 for one by combining “Last Leviathan” with “Bonny Ship the Diamond”. The transition between the two was seamless (in my head). I also had another go at “Crossing the Bar”, in case there are any funerals coming up.


Geoff Durno was back with his black cardboard guitar (click on the image to enlarge it if you don’t believe me). His first was another Virginia song (green rolling hills thereof) before he lost the rhyming, timing and eventually the will to live. We didn’t get anything from Geoff in the second half as he was called out in his role as Emergency Marriage Guidance Counsellor.

The wannabee Rachel Riley sitting next to me, scoffing vegan sausage rolls worked out that 449 men had died in Adrian’s first song, “Bold (bald?) Benjamin, but the clock had gone way over 30 seconds. (If you’re not a Countdown viewer this will mean nothing to you).

Alun had nicked and reworked a Welsh song about The Mimosa, which took people from Wales over to Argentina for twelve quid each – a bargain when you see what they’re charging nowadays just to cross the Channel in an inflatable.

A couple from our newly found chum from the Punjab, Gorrupta Singh, took us to the break; his Glaswegian cousin Cannae Singh said that, like me, he had no musical talent, and didn’t perform. Perhaps it’s time I put this one to bed.

Tony Davies wasn’t there to win the £40 Snowball so it rolls over next week. Despite Jeff’s weekly contribution to the raffle being absent, we still plumbed the depths as someone had brought in a pack of “Marshmallow Boobs”. Who won ’em? For f***s sake!  I never win anything, why did it have to be this? I can’t even feed ’em to my hens, they’ll stick their beaks together.

T Gwyn opened the second half with Kipling’s geographically grossly inaccurate “Mandalay” – I suspect Kipling never went anywhere near Burma (or a map).

I think we should have a whip round for the price of a haircut for Rick. A song featuring jug band music really needed subtitles for non Texans.

John Killion’s set was “a game of 2 halves”, sort of. First we had Marriott Edgar’s brilliant “Goalkeeper Joe”, superbly delivered, but leading to difficulties for EmCee and his inability to pronounce “Todmorden”. Incidentally if you Google “Todmorden”, number 1 on the list of things to do there is “Top Yourself”; if you’ve never been, it’s that sort of place. This was followed by “The rattlin’ bog” which we thought would never end. It’s no doubt popular in Todmorden.

There was time for one each, although I nearly missed my slot as I was engrossed by my new found pink breasts.

AWR has Geoff this week, just sound as he was also doing the desk in Jeff’s absence.


Friday January 4th 2019

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The first night of 2019 saw some welcome faces return, notable Steve Jones,all the way from the land of the Orange Donald and John “Ned Kelly” Roberts, who’s been missed over the past few months. With the Pritchards on one of their legendary dirty weekends, AWR was MC and I was the one with the Nikon.

Christmas and New Year seemed to have passed without event; the Honours list included Mike Peters MBE, but otherwise resulted in more knobheads in ermine, basking in unwarranted prestige.

Alun was first up – he’d been printing out his choruses (chori? Adrian?) which meant he hadn’t had time to shave for a few days.Ian Bruce’s “Too far from she” was for me the best song of the night, with everyone belting out the chorus from the floor.

Brian is up for “Braces wearer of the year”. I’ve fitted a lot of braces in my time, but never ones like these. He came very close to reducing his Martin guitar to firewood when the strap came off. How we would have laughed.

Adrian started where he’d left off last year with a song about murder, involving a lady with voluminous breasts.

Geoff Durno risked a Donovan song without the aid of a denim cap – “Yellow is the colour of my true love’s teeth” – reminded me of work again.

Jeff’s New Year resolution was “No filth”. If this included bad language he didn’t even make it to the first song.

After “Now I’m Easy” , Mike discarded his guitar, not in quite so dramatic fashion as Brian had done earlier, and gave us a new song, “Carrying Nelson Home”; the chorus had 2 lines in English (ok), 1 in French (achievable), and 1 in Portuguese (no bloody chance). Lovely song, I’m looking forward to hearing it again.

We hadn’t seen Phil Williams for several months. AWR has chosen “Down & Out” as this week’s track, you can hear it at the end.

A late break saw the Snowball roll over (£40 next week!) and someone other than me win the “No hangover Guaranteed” Vodka.

T Gwyn was back with more filth from Betjeman – “Licorice Fields at Pontefract”, to open the second half, followed by some Banjo Paterson.

A couple from me and then another set from our Punjabi chum, Gorrupta Singh, who you may remember from the Xmas blog. His brother Didnah Wanna Singh declined the offer of a spot. (This one could run for weeks).

Not quite time for a round of 1 each before we all went home. A very promising start to the year.

Here’s Phil




Review of 2018

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No club this week so no blog, but AWR has put together some of the highlights (and a few lowlights) of 2018. WELL worth watching.