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Friday June 15th 2018.

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Andrew and Ruth had locked themselves in a darkened room to avoid the endless football and had forgotten to come out, which left AWR to MC. and me to take my own photos.

Alun started with another song about nightingales; how come this bird is in serious decline when it is the emblem of philanderers and fornicators? Mike’s set was marred by the sound of police sirens outside. Presumably they were off to Geoff Durno’s after he had left hurriedly having received a phone call informing him that his dog had killed next door’s chickens.

I made a complete balls-up of one of my offerings. No change there then.

Tonight’s guests were “Risky Business”.The trio are comprised of Ruth and Ken Powell and Dave Walmisley. Ruth and Ken live near Vyrnwy where Ken works as a luthier (ie. he makes guitars, and other instruments). Fine examples of Ken’s craft were used during the evening, and the players amongst us were mightily impressed. He even made his banjo. (Yes, we had all the old gags).

Dave now lives in Lytham-St-Annes (the posh end of Blackpool for non northeners) and played guitar and mandolin, but also turned in a couple of his own songs.

The bulk of the singing was done by Ruth – stunning clear, strong vocals, with subtle harmonies from the boys, not to mention the delicious guitar work.

There was plenty of chat and stories, which always goes down well at Tynewydd, but we were amazed when Ruth did her party trick of drinking what appeared to be a spittoon, which she’d attached to the mic. stand.

The break was soon upon us and Jeff, T Gwyn and Adrian provided warm up for the second half.

Full marks to Jeff this week for the sound – really well balanced. (that’s a fiver you owe me).

More from the “Riskies”. Sadly most of the choruses (chori?) were too complex for an audience who had spent most of their schooldays in the remedial class, but we all managed to join in with “The Bare Necessities”.

Overall, I can safely say that “Risky Business” went down very well. Personally I’d have liked a couple of quicker tempo numbers, but that’s in no way any form of complaint so don’t get on my back.

AWR was up half the night (he can ill afford to lose any beauty sleep) to bring you my pick of the night, “Emerald Green” (Waltzing for Victory). I urge you to enrich your lives by having a look at it.

Housekeeping :- From 6th July we will be starting at 8.00 (more importantly to finish for 10.45) . There is a review (in photos and music) of the Treasure Hunt now on the website and also our tee shirts have been popping up in various parts of the world (see “tee shirts on tour” on the homepage).

Thanks once again to “Risky Business” for a thoroughly entertaining evening.


Friday, June 8th 2018

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Tonight, Emcee worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone knew who’d one the treasure hunt (Team Pritchard and ‘tother Val). I’m sure that John will provide a full report when he returns from up north.

The System ™ decreed that it was Rick and Delora’s turn to go first. Things seemed uncharacteristically quiet until we realized the speakers were switched off. Rick also wins the accolade for expletive of the week for his intro to Living With The Animals.

Mr West was quite indignant as he held forth on “the foul calumny in the drivel written by John Shepherd.”. I just hope John knows a good dentist. He’s going to need one.

Jeff Blythin started with Bojangles then murdered (his words, not mine) Bogey’s Bonny Belle.

Mike Hawkins gave us Eric Bogle’s No Man’s Land. Fun fact: Tony Blair once claimed it was his favourite war poem.

Alun Rhys Jones intro’d John Denver’s This Old Guitar with a harmonica. It’s something he does particularly well but which is perhaps a touch out of place in a song about a guitar. There Is A Boat was lovely and got people trying to sing along. Alun was also heavily promoting the new studio album from Neal and Shereen. I haven’t heard it yet but Emcee has and recommends it.

Terry McKenna was back among us. I don’t want your cornbread, peas and black molasses is a much catchier song than the title suggests. We all joined in with Terry’s acapella rendition of Hard Times (which I still think is trite and patronizing. Other opinions are available.)

T Gwyn took us up to the beer break with some Welsh erotic verse and a smutty bit of Betjeman.

The snowball was not claimed and will be £30 next week. I have no idea who won what in the raffle because, I was too busy eating chips with Jeff outside.

Brian and Richard Bull are now a double act. Jeff picked their second song as track of the week. We were all very glad to see that Richard had a bouzouki because, when he walked in with that case, for a horrible moment, we thought it was a banjo.

And last but never least was Mel B (the talented one, not the former spice girl). Emcee used his executive powers to put Mel on for 3. Banjo was a song about a war horse and the cruel fate of his kind. Deeply moving.

There was time left for singles from everyone: Rick and Delora were having drinks before (during and after) dinner, Jeff got all mushy about Spanish and tongues and stuff, Mike lamented Loving Hannah and Terry McKenna went acapella again for the Beauty Of Kashmir before Alun finished things off with another John Wright song, Language Of The Heart.

The gathered throng rounded off a fairly decent night with the Curragh Of Kildare then we all went home (on time!)

Next week we have Risky Business. Those of you who’ve given Mike permission to email you will get more info on that during the week.

If you haven’t given Mike permission to email you (since 25th March) then he really, really can’t. Its the law.

Here are The Bull Boys with Rout Of The Blues:

Goodnight & joy be with you all.

Andrew the Younger

Friday June 1st 2018.

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He’d kept it quiet, but it’s Alun’s birthday today (Saturday). As a treat he was allowed to go first and win a raffle prize later. His set included “River Run”, one of Ann’s favourites, which was a shame ‘cos she was away poorly. I’ll put it on at the end for you Ann, to cheer you up.

My offerings included a first outing for Steve Earl’s “Billy Austin” – a song I find quite compelling, but sadly this did not appear to be a universal feeling.

Mike put the verses of “Don’t think twice” into “shuffle” mode, but “Lowlands” got us all singing again.

Brian? One with guitar and one with concertina -more about him later.

Homework (to be handed in by next Friday)  -“The concertina could be described as a musical instrument” – Discuss.

Every week Adrian takes his harpoon out of his dirty red bandana and blows a tune, of sorts. It seems to be a pretty similar tune each week and I suspect that all the “long stick dance from Heckmondwike” stuff is complete bollocks. He had a song about British naval incompetence and wondered how our sailors ever won any battles; obviously the French and Spanish (other traditional enemies are available) were even more incompetent.

Jeffrey had eventually got off the M6 and discussed the term “pulled pork”. Let your imagination guide you. Looking at the photo, he must have done a song as well.

A rare appearance from Dafydd. He first read a poem by Thomas Parry Williams, translated into the language of Shakespeare and Wordsworth to make it more palatable. Unlike his shirt, it didn’t get many laughs. He then had a song involving a load of cuckoos. There appear to be three collective nouns for the cuckoo; “asylum”, “cooch” or “family”. As cuckoos are essentially solitary birds I wouldn’t worry about it unduly. The objective of the song seemed to be to prove that not all Welshmen are gifted singers.

No one could be asked to follow that so we had the break.

Glenys won the box of Brillo pads and the not present Sarah Price would have won the snowball so it rolls over next week to £25.





Rick and Delora delivered “Ride On” in their own inimitable style to open the second half.

Last week Mel uncharacteristically fluffed some lines on a Jake Thackray song but made recompense this week by declaring that “he liked a good bum on a woman”. Just for me, as I was disappointed that he didn’t do it last week, he sang Dan Seals’ “One Friend” – this is still available to hear on our Soundcloud site (available with one click from this website’s homepage). I think he wants to have my babies.

Andy Gallagher sails other people’s boats around the world (I believe it’s called “theft”) so he doesn’t get in to see us very often, but it’s always good to hear him.June 1 ag Nice photo, Ruth.

There was not quite time for a round of one each, as somebody spent too long on his introduction. The same person lost what few friends he had when he made a cheap gag at the expense of Glenys. Gorgeous Glenys is a club favourite, sort of the Carol Kirkwood of Tynewydd, especially since she completed the anger management course so this went down June 1 bbnone too well. I understand that an elderly man was admitted to Glan Clwyd just before midnight – on examination doctors found a concertina (still in it’s case) inserted rectally. Horizontally! Police are believed to be looking for a woman with shiny pans and a clean hob.

There may not be a blog next week as I’m in Aberdeen and Ruth is also a doubtful starter (we can’t go on meeting like this, my wife is beginning to suspect).

Treasure Hunt – those participating should be at Aldi car park, Rhuddlan between 5.45 and 6.00 pm on Tuesday. You’ll need £12 for your tea plus beer money and instruments if you’ve got one for a session afterwards.

Here’s Birthday Boy –

Friday 25th May 2018

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Tonight we were raising dosh for Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. Those of us who sat and cried last year when we heard the plight of those lovely kids and compared the hand they’d been dealt in life compared to ours know what a worthwhile cause this is.

The afternoon had seen heavy rain followed by a misty murky evening, but Mel had fought his way through all the caravans on the A55 to do an extended spot for us. The dire weather reminded me that it’s only another 4 weeks before the nights start drawing in again and winter will soon be baring it’s teeth.

Jeff I’ll-work-till-I-drop Blythin was stuck on the M6 (can’t believe he was surprised, it being a Bank Holiday Friday!) so AWR was on the sound. Mike was on first, but it’s difficult to do a balance with an acapella performer.

Geoff Durno’s soft tones and immaculately precise guitar work then dropped my blood pressure several points, till I realised it was me next.

Alun sang the Saw Doctor’s “Everyday” – about girls popping over to England from Dublin for a termination. As I write this the votes are being counted but exit polls look like the law is going to be changed (if you’re reading this on catch-up, you’ll probably know the result but don’t phone in as your vote may not be counted and you may be charged). The Pope will not be a happy bunny.

T Gwyn concluded the foreplay with some total filth from Betjeman called “Senex”.

Time for part 1 of Mel’s Big Spot, (or pustule?). He started off with a song about having sex with sheep, but it went downhill from there; we had songs about such diverse topics as Aldi and muckspreaders, before he made a similar error to Shereen last week and handed out “things-that-shoot-out-and-make-a-noise-when-you-blow-’em” to the mentally incompetent for “Nellie the Elephant”.

The raffle had 16 bottles of assorted wines and spirits, donated by a club member who prefers to remain anonymous, all proceeds going to the charity. The CCL brings a group of children over each year for a month from Ukraine to give their immune systems a break. The area they come from is horrendously contaminated as is most of the food they consume. They almost all have various forms of cancer and life expectancy is very, very low. All the cash raised goes directly for the children – no execs on fat fees here. In the event we have raised a total of £342 this year, so thank you everyone. In case you’re wondering, of course I didn’t win anything in the raffle; even my “thing-that-shoots-out-when-you-blow-it” failed to deliver a noise.

The Snowball number belonged to Shereen. Sorry, a week too late, so it’s £20 next week.

Sheila started part 2 with a moving piece about Chernobyl called “The Banks of the Pripyat”.

Brian and Adrian followed. Adrian’s tune somehow managed to include a word (it sounded like “bollocks”, but I’m sure I must have mis-heard).

Mel then finished off the last 45 minutes, with songs about pirates, chemistry, history, Shakespeare, Cairo and jobsworths. Let us never forget “Joyce the Librarian”. I would have liked Dan Seals’ “One Friend”; maybe next week?

“Sister Josephine” rounded off what was always going to be an extremely entertaining evening. Thanks once more to Mel for brightening up our lives (and doing it for the CCL) and for everyone’s generosity.

Housekeeping :- Mike has sent everyone an e mail re. GDPR regs. If you haven’t seen it, check your spam folder. You must reply to continue to receive notices of forthcoming events etc..

AWR has put “Bottle of the Best” and “Old Bazaar in Cairo” on our Soundcloud page, but here’s “Cairo” on YouTube.


Friday April 27th 2018

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The euphoria of the new Royal baby (another benefit scrounger destined to live off the back of the taxpayer) (** other opinions are possibly available) had not swept over Tynewydd. Instead we were all on a high due to the visit of Kimber’s Men, probably Britain’s greatest boy band.  As a proud Northerner, it’s good to see people rise from the mediocrity of West Yorkshire to achieve a modicum of success after spending their lives in the shadow of their much more illustrious neighbours to the west of the pennines.

A capacity crowd was warmed up by myself, Adrian and Alun and then an unexpected treat from the US of A.. Andrea Wild, accompanied by her brother on guitar, sang a couple for us, one, which took me by surprise, was in Welsh. Andrea’s mother was apparently a Welsh speaker. We hope we can look forward to their return, as we always look forward to seeing Helen on her trips from Canada. Serious shoes, Andrea.

Kimber’s Men had braved the motorways from Halifax on a dreich day to entertain us once more. The first half was mainly acapella, but they picked up guitars for their song “Don’t take the heroes” about the loss of the Penlee lifeboat. According to Wikipedia, Neil had been taught to play by Segovia whilst on a caravanning holiday to Doncaster.

With everyone giving it some serious welly in the choruses, it was easy to lose the beautiful harmonies and subtlety that these oversize men put in to their songs, their voices ranging from John, with a bass as deep as the Mariana trench to the relative falsetto of Steve on the other end with Neil and Gareth (voted flat cap wearer of the year 2007) somewhere inbetween. The first half was over too quickly, ending with the well known Liverpool forebitter, “Yellow Submarine”.

The Break. As my regular readers know, I always win buggerall in the raffle. Not this week! My ticket came out for the last prize! The loaf I’d baked in the morning and a small packet of white powder I’d brought back from Colombia last month. The re-draw saw it go to Adrian bloody West yet again; I hope he was stopped and searched by the Old Bill on the way home.

Mike, Jeff (with an excellent gag) and Brian settled us down for part 2, when Steve took the lead (against his will) for “Chicken on a Raft”. I thought they’d have learnt from last year. Another memorable set followed including the sight of Steve pumping his harmonium (not a euphemism) for “Wrecks on the shore”. The final song of the set was “Mingulay” when John brought out a whistle as deep as his voice. Thank you to Kimber’s Men, all the other performers and the audience for a truly memorable night.

AWR has done the video on You Tube of Mingulay, so you can relive the moment; if you find yourself not joining in, I’m sorry, but you’re probably dead. The noise level in the hall was phenomenal – wait for the complaints.

One bit of housekeeping; the treasure hunt looks like it will be on 5th June so keep the night free. If you are doubtful about your ability to steal a car for the night, we can always match up people with places in vehicles. Get ready to join in….


Friday April 18th 2014 (50th Anniversary).

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apr_18_3_rr cutoutApr 18 8 rrWith a capacity crowd and a long list of singers, Andrew rolled up the sleeves of his K.F.C. shirt (other take-aways are available) and got off to an early start. If you want to see everyone who sang, look at the collage at the bottom, the list is too long to mention everyone in the blog.

apr_18_4_rrIt was a delight to see and hear some of the “old-timers” who had made the effort to be at the club on our 50th anniversary. Darryl got “premature clap” when, merely pausing in his song to take a swig from his pint of Chilean merlot, some of the audience thought (wished?) he’d finished and put their hands together. I owe a great personal debt to Darryl for his encouragement when I first started at the club over 25 years ago. If you think I’m crap now, you should have heard me then! apr 18 16 rr

Hadyn Smith, looking very dapper, first sang at the club in 1966, and despite having to be somewhere else on the night managed to turn up to give a moving version of “The Fish Finger Blues”.

I’m not sure how Brian got through “All the little chickens”, with the wall of sound of farmyard animals coming back at him. Brian looks almost as young as ever (due to the picture in his attic), but alas, Jeff seems to have now stopped exfoliating and using his moisturiser and is showing 6 of the 7 signs of ageing; the only one he fails to demonstrate is rigor mortis. Jeff has been doing much of the graft for the club for years and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. That unfortunately doesn’t stop me taking the piss.apr 18 14 rr

Thanks to all the ladies who provided the food and to everyone who brought stuff for the raffle. Except Mike Hawkins. Those who read last weeks summary may remember he returned a perfectly good bottle of booze which he then won for a second time. Sure enough it returned again this week. Hopefully it has now gone to a good home where it will be treated with more care and respect.apr 18 9 rr

It was fitting that young Mathew finished off the evening, after hearing the people who had carried the club through it’s first 50 years. Billy Connolly once likened life to a bus journey, where people keep getting off, sometimes before their stop. Over the years we’ve lost a few; Mike Hand, Kristen, Lindsay and of course, Ted. Due to the demographics of the club, it’s inevitable that more of us will be standing up and ringing the bell and we seem unable to attract a younger element to come and have a laugh on a Friday night, with the predictable end result of Mathew singing to an empty room (or a row of urns). We hope Mathew got his parents back to the home safely.

Guest night next week – Peter and Barbara Snape.50th collage finish

apr 18 21 rr