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Posted in Club Night - What happened? on January 15, 2022 by Rhyl Folk Club

Another Friday on Zoom with John “I’m in charge” – or I think I am, in the chair (he’s never been fully in charge). Juggling boxes and various unfamiliar buttons seemed a bit of a challenge to him, but none the less, a great evening ensued,

There was a fair spattering of self penned numbers, some trad, some poetry and more than a few attempts at comedy, some cleaner than others. There were some very interesting chori ?? from the floor and plenty of heckling. In other words, a normal collection of folkies at RFC.

Things to look for on the recording:

The first thing is “Audience Participation with Andy” – sounds like some kind of TV show – well, he set out to show that joining in on Zoom had improved, it well might have, but the quality of singing was still questionable! Watch it and enjoy.

Dafydd, who gets Best Accent award for his attempt at a Welsh one.

And Mark, who gets tonight’s main prize, for rhyming Llanyrmynech.

Things you won’t see on the Chat:

Several of Brian’s questionable jokes


Paul Clarke suggested you could find some of this at his club on a Wednesday night. Not sure you could find any organisms stranger than those you find here at Rhyl on a Friday night.

Thanks to all who come and play and also to those who come every week to listen. It may not be a totally conventional club, but we love the fun atmosphere you all help to create and appreciate the barracking you put up with .

See you all next week on Zoom for more of the same.

Friday January 7th 2022

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With the sky high Covid rates, we really had no alternative but to suspend the Tynewydd sessions and go back weekly on Zoom. I have to admit that I get as much pleasure from the Zoom sessions as I do from the “live” performances. Make of that what you will.

This week we were sponsored by WRU bitter. If it’s made by Brains I probably wouldn’t recommend it personally, and it’s no longer available in Rhyl as ARJ has bought it all at about 6p a can.

It was good to see Geoff and Brian both back in good(ish) health. Notable absentees were Stormzy, Iris from Dunfermline, Deep-down-Dave and Tony the Tiger on Paul’s shelf.

Susan and Brian were, as always, in fine voice. Brian managed to turn Alun’s lights off via Alexa. This week I tried “Alexa – take down the Christmas decorations!” The reply was predictable; “I’m sorry, I don’t know that one”. As they sang the Oasis number “Half the world away”, used as the theme tune to “The Royle Family”, I couldn’t fail to see the resemblance between Susan and Brian and Barbara and Jim.

The Grammar Police were out in force in the chat – how many negatives can you get in a sentence?

There were two contenders for “word of the night”;



Izzies top tip for 2022 – seal your glue tube with vaseline on the tip. Does the Pope allow that?

Alun is still seeking to ban diminished and minor 7th and augmented 5th chords (see Andrew P).

Sadly we’ve had to postpone Terry’s night with us at Tynewydd on the 21st, but we hope to reschedule this for a later date. Spot the VC10 on the desk.

There was much discussion about a bloke from the Yardbirds (a popular beat combo from the 60s) who I’d never heard of.

AAaaarrrrggggghhhhh! Sorry! I should have said “About whom I had not heard.”

Paul had been dishing out stick all night and eventually it got too much for Alun and he admitted defeat.

It’s all on the YouTube vid. I’m interested to see how the chorus singing to Dafydd’s song came across. Ignore the writing at the beginning (dates etc); it wasn’t the WRU bitter, it was the whisky chasers.

Sunday December 19th 2021

Posted in Club Night - What happened? on December 20, 2021 by Rhyl Folk Club

Yes, a Sunday night at RFC! A last chance to meet up with our Zoom chums from all over before we finally rid ourselves of 2021.

There were several “firsts”; the night was sponsored by a well known N Wales manufacturer of quality biscuits, which enabled us to have several special guests, including Newcastle detective (or in this case defective) Vera Stanhope, Mr. Northern Stereotype and even Robbie Burns.

Helen joined us and sang from her car on a ferry over in British Columbia.

Several people were dressed for the occasion – Christmas jumpers, hats, a couple of pirates. Mike and Helen were attired in their gardening gear (Surrey style).

Brian and his missus, who shall henceforth be known as “Susan” had the poshest tree.

The raffle!! Look what you could have won! Whisky, boxing gloves, marbles, adjustable spanners (1 metric, 1 Imperial), and even the much sought after cd by Painless John.

Joe and Mary couldn’t be with us as their accommodation didn’t have wi-fi.

Anyway, enough of this drivel. You can relive the whole experience through the recording. Currently we plan live singers nights 7 and 14 Jan, Terry-at-Tynewydd Jan 21 and Zoom Jan 28, but this could change overnight, watch the website, Facebook or your e mails for any changes. Only another 26 weeks before the nights start drawing in again. Keep safe.


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It was Christmas party night at Rhyl Folk Club. New Covid advice to prioritise interactions caused those with big Christmas plans to miss out on the festivities, but RFC has many social misfits all of whom turned out, most of them, determined to have a good time.

There were, of course, some exceptions to that rule, the main being the evening’s host – The Miserable Shepherd who, dressed like a refugee from a school nativity play, sang a couple of what he terms “Christmassy” songs, as you would expect, not the traditional type, what was he was doing to that turkey?

This was followed by a miserable tune from his other half and a Doric ditty.

Am I selling it to you ?… Don’t you just wish you were there?

Next up – The poor man’s sandwich, Stew and Marge, brought a better class of Xmas song with their Black Country Reggae version of Mary’s Boy Child and Mike-many- jumpers-Hawkins, did While Shepherds Watch, very popular with the front row!

Kevin had confused the seasons and came dressed for summer, in a short sleeved shirt and no socks, our climate really is buggered. His version of Fairy Tale of New York, is legendary. Rick, nice to see him, was even more Ba Humbug than JS. His Xmas message was – don’t stand under the reindeer as they fly over.

That brings us to Adrian. Now he does protest against Zoom, but I think, with the number of times he freezes (trying to remember the words, or the title, or the tune) he’d be well suited to it! If this was being recorded you could all listen to the difference between Adrian and John’s versions of The Holly and The Ivy. (See trad and Sid Kipper).

Wearing his Santa jumper and wielding his imaginary long Morris stick, his actions brought to mind that little known Catalonian tradition of the Christmas Pooping Log, The Caga Tio, where children literally beat the crap out of a log with a stick til it gives up it’s presents. Yes this is real, read more about it here…

Alun’s In The Bleak Midwinter always signifies the start of Christmas for me – magical, but what’s with the black outfit?? A rework of an old Bee’s Knee’s song, Free and Easy was dedicated to the late, great Darryl Morley, a legend in the world of local folk and Radiography. The only trouble with Darryl’s version of most things was you never knew what words he was singing.

The raffle floozies did a good job sharing out the 12 prizes fairly evenly between the 18 people – 2 bottles for The Shepherd’s – result!!!!

The second half saw folk, giddy from their raffle winnings, full to bustin’ from their grand personal buffets and completely exhausted of their Christmas songs, except that was, for JS who was determined that we would be subjected to his entire festive repertoire. Oh joy!

The night was rounded off rowdily with a medley of songs culminating in the traditional 12 Drinks of Christmas.

A jolly good night, join us on Zoom on Sunday (usual login) for our digital Xmas bash if you can.

Hopefully, restrictions depending, we will be back live in the New Year, until then have a Happy, but safe Christmas and a Good New Year.

Friday December 10th 2021

Posted in Club Night - What happened? on December 11, 2021 by deputyfolk

I’ve said it before, but, you had to be there. The Friday before the gathering was one of those nights (Eagles) that had most of the favourites of this house. We began with a typically didactic approach from the calmly attired A West. He veered (swerved) from gentlemen’s undergarments to the hazards of women at the hands of (ahem) gentlemen right through to the (what should be a ) capital offence of watering down beer.

Mike’s Raglan Road never disappoints and a couple of self-penned tunes from Alan M kept the bar high (not the same as Bali Hi). Dafydd had us in a right twist with the laevo and dextro intricacies of plant conjugation. I am not making this up!

The Warburtons went into the late book.

Alun knocked out two of our favourites with Country Roads and the (for me, sad) story of London Danny. NB. Jez Lowe is our guest in June next year.

John and Carol, or , I should say Carol and John smoothed our passage into the second half an we had a report of a match what we won at HQ via Dafydd’s Max Boyce cover. Who knew what you could get for a photo of Barry John!. Alun had the Eleanor Shanley hit, Mise Rafteri, and we haven’t even mentioned Alan’s pipes and the Dragon’s Breath farewell. As I said, you had to be there. See you all next week, for a deniable gathering with personal nibbles only. Stay safe!


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…and another Friday at Wales’ oldest Folk Club. The “threatened” refurbishment of Tynewydd caused a clearing out of the store room before the start of the evening and look what turned up. John and I started coming to the club around the late 80’s when this group were a 6 piece, by the late 90’s they were down to 4 and now……

The first thing of note about this evening was the varying degrees of sartorial elegance (or in some cases lack of).

John Shepherd was there, complete in thermal vest, socks, padded trousers and neck warmer, battling through the pain of his chilblains to give us a few songs, while John Warburton and Alan Manouch were still dressed in their summer attire of flowery shirts and t shirts.

Alun and Adrian came in shades of green, a Christmas Elf and a Leprechaun. And while Adrian may have chosen his co-ordinating outfit, Alun’s matching colours were merely a happy accident.

Interestingly, no one was dancing to Adrian’s Short Stick tune – we’re all of an age when we’ve stopped referring to our knees as the right and left,they’re now just the good and the bad.

As to the music – we had a few Christmas offerings (it’s only the 3rd, it’s going to be a long month).

  • John S – had a slightly disturbing song about King Herod and his bid to control the male population of Bethlehem
  • Carole – had an animal version the The Night Before Christmas
  • John W – tried to pass off The Bargee’s by Keith Christmas as his entry – Disqualified! – (I thought they were an Indian snack myself.)

Dafydd had offerings from his 3 favourite poets; Shakespeare, Bee and Leonard Cohen, although he carefully refrained from putting them in any kind of order!

It was interesting to note this evening, the varied degrees of technical expertise within the club, as Mike Hawkins was forced to refer to his poor man’s i phone in a first outing of Rolling Home to Dear Old England, while Dafydd was down with the kids, with words on his mobile device.

Anyway enough of this drivel, it was a great night with plenty of laughs and banter, the house is freezing, my boiler is what is technically know as “f****d” and my hands are now too cold to type any more.

Singers night next week, Christmas party live at Tynewydd on the 17th – bring your own nibbles (covid safe) and due to popular demand, a Zoom Christmas bash on Sunday the 19th.

Friday November 26th 2021.

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The North Wind doth blow………We didn’t have snow, but only the foolhardy would turn out on such a night. Fortunately these are 2 a penny at Rhyl and we managed a half reasonable turnout.

At least we had a proper MC again, Andrew’s musical astuteness brings meaning to some of the more difficult concepts of the art. The moron who fills in in his absence was relegated to camera man.

Alun had brought his new baritone guitar – with a Florentine cut out!!! (?). Newly strung only minutes before he left home, those at the front could see the strings stretching as he stumbled through his first song.

Stuart and Margaret don’t seem to realise how good they are. Another stunning set from them.

Just a thought; did the bloke taken to hospital from “I’m a nobody, get me out of here” have to wait 4 hours for the Welsh Ambulance Service to turn up, then wait 6 hours outside A & E? Answers on a postcard………

Tynewydd was already trimmed up despite it being barely past Halloween and looked very slightly less shabby.

Bee and Dafydd – are there two more thoughtful gentle people in the world? Bee’s poem about the immigrants drowned in the Channel stunned everyone into silence.

Dafydd read a piece by Gwyn Thomas who apparently did the translations for the road signs in Gwynedd (amongst other stuff). I was captivated by the bit on the B5402.

My lovely wife (creep) played “Miss Rowan Davies” (Andrew pointed out that her rendition was in G whereas Alun plays it in F), followed by “Smoky the Cat”, a poem about a mythical animal from Bowmore distillery.

I finished off the first half with “Cousin Jack”, but it was a mere shadow of Warbie’s heartfelt dramatic (overdramatic?) version.

Malcolm treated us to a couple of his verses in the second half; he’s promised to play his fiddle for us at a later date. Talking to him earlier, it’s obvious he’s a proper musician.

Andrew wrapped up the night a bit earlier than normal and hopefully we all got home safely.

Fellas! – you can get your loved one expensive jewellery or perfume for Christmas and it will soon be forgotten, but she will never forget the year you bought her a new mop. Never. That’s another Elf with a bullet in his brain.


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After several weeks of live club, Rhyl Folk Club was back on Zoom, doing it’s charitable bit for the misfits and ne’er do well’s of the virtual folk circuit.

Mike and Helen had perfect timing, and tuned in just after John had finished his tribute to them, their punishment will be having to listen today to see what it was!

Those who have a life were on early, Aitch was bored of dancing and bored of us and so soon buggered off on a better offer. Linda and Brian’s duet was also brought to the fore as Linda was helping Children in Need with her job at the Beeb:

Just Text – 5,000 – 10,000 – or 100,000 to my bank account – details to follow

Highlights included:

Jack – with his Abba meets King Herod – frightening prospect.

Aiden – with an not proper song, wot he wrote himself,

Dafydd – with his Scottish set, well, I always used to be so proud of my accent…..

We had a great selection of “out of towner’s” Phil, Ray, Storm, Gwyneth, Brian, to mention just a few, and Maureen who had paddled through the floods in BC to give us a chip shop song. Thanks everyone from away for coming and supporting us on Zoom, it makes it so much fun.

We also had “The Baritone Guitar Club” – Alun, had seen Alan’s and, of course, had to have one and Warbie I know, is hankering after one, but the person who really needs one is Dave Hyche. All they need to do now is learn to play it like Paul Claack and they’ll be away.

Speaking of Paul Clark, it wasn’t easy to spot the product placement on gallery view – but full marks. (click on the image to enlarge it and see)

Sue Race had been introduced to the TV series Vera and is now hooked (can’t beat it for easy Sunday night viewing I say). There is no truth in the rumour that Vera will now be using a new catch phrase – “Oooh Nooo”

Spoiler Alert – applicable to every episode of Vera – The insignificant character who appears just after the first commercial break is always the one who did it. (It’s true, watch it and see.)

And so we had a real good, fun night. Admittedly there was a fair spattering of “not proper” songs, if only we’d had a “proper MC” we might have got through the first half before 10pm, however we soldiered on through the second half and Alun brought the evening to a memorable close, although, probably not in the way he would have wished. It’s not the ARJ we used to know, who could play and sing anything, no matter how much alcohol was consumed.

If you hung on after the recording you would have seen Chas and Jan holidaying in Northumberland and heard Sweet Thames – almost.

Thank you all for your contributions, see some of you live next week, until then here is the recording:

Friday November 12th 2021

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Well, here we are again at Tynewydd. This was our remembrance night, and the newly re-installed MC made a spectacular hash of his return to duties. First, forgetting to start on time, then forgetting where John and Carol are from and then ( horrors) forgetting to include T Gwyn in the list at all.

This lack of cognitive acuity cannot even be blamed on the falling down water because I’m still on the alcohol-free Guinness. Do try it. This not to espouse that the consumption of AF elixirs contributes to lethean tendency.

            What we had on Friday was a tight clutch of fine performances from all concerned. Unbridled filth from the Poet Laureate and poignant rendition from a wide variety of contributors whether spoken or sung. It is as unhelpful as it is invidious to pick out any individual and I will not do so. Without descent into hyperbole I merely observe that you all deserve a pat on the back. It was a pleasure to go home whistling as one amongst the audience said to me.

            Now, do not forget, next week is Zoom , then ,at the centre every Friday until the Xmas “do” on the 17th of December. Hey ho.


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Remember, remember the 5th…….well some obviously forgot, were they all at a bonfire party we weren’t invited to?

A slightly smaller, but select turnout, and a none the less enjoyable evening, the selection of “abstract” pictures may help identify performers.

John, “not a real MC” Shepherd started off with a Final Trawl and could be found scouring the streets of Aiberdeen, looking for a bonnie Jean. Why he’s doing that when he’s got the best example at home….????

There were a few more foray’s this evening: The first being to Scotland:

Alan Manouch – on the West coast, on the road to Drumleman and places further north.

Alun’s – Farewell She

The Raffle Prize – with my name on it “Haggis” flavoured crisps.

But first prize goes to Dafydd, for his animated and heartfelt rendition of that famous Scottish children’s verse – 3 Craws

The Second Foray was back in time to The music hall era:

T Gwyn sang about the then fashion of wearing a rat in your hair – apparently it’s to do with backcombing!

and Margaret, fresh from the Birmingham Hippodrome with Till There Was You – lovely.

Elsewhere, there were several references to Tea –

Alan had a wee dram and a wee cup o’ tea, reminded me of “A Fly Cup” the Doric term for elevenses or afternoon tea, often had with pancakes or a fancy piece.

Rick did a Les Barker poem about the dangers of accepting a cup on a cliff edge – very funny and his notorious “Have a cup”…

Adrian showed us the vagaries of memory, could he remember the song, – or even his name?, but what I want to know, is where does a naked woman hide her dagger?

We also welcomed a newcomer to the floor – Malcolm, who has only joined us since we’ve been back live after lock down. A Black Country man, he reminisced about his younger years. Something about the fact that he had a brick heated in the forge and wrapped in a blanket for a bed warmer made me suspect he may secretly be a Peaky Blinder – watch out if he’s wearing his cap next week!

The night was certainly fun and full of the usual audience participation, especially in Adrian’s long stick dance and Rick’s Barrett’s Privateers, which prompted some dubious actions from the front row.

Thanks everyone for coming, see you next week live, when we may expect the odd Remembrance song (not compulsory).