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Friday February 3rd 2023

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We were collectively delighted to welcome to our small coterie the trio of pulchritude that is The Broken Chord. These three have recently formed and gave us two sets of fine close harmony songs which we all loved. I’m told that the added bonus was, they were in tune as well, but hey ho ,what do I know about such esoterics? They further delighted us with a promise to return and wow us all again. We will be so pleased to see them.

​We also had some fine guitarists and rugby pundits. But you seldom find them in the same room. It is possible that the songs of Townes VZ have been covered nearly (but not quite) as often as His Bobness, anyway, Kevin did us proud.

John W and his Christmas rendition of life on a narrow boat was another sleeper hit for me.


Friday January 27th 2023

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No frost or snow and a nice full house for our special guests, our old chums from the Bay, Neal and Shereen.Andrew had a long list of floor spots to fit in and started early, albeit by about 30 seconds.

I’m not going to list all the turns or songs, but it was worth the entrance money to see Richard’s facial hair; with his hat on you may think “You never see him in the same room as Wyatt Earp”.

It’s been far too long since N & S paid us a visit and we were all wound up waiting for what we knew would be a good night.

Shereen had seemed reluctant to remove her full length black leather coat. Along with the jackboots with 4 inch soles and 8 inch heels, she could possibly be mistaken for an Obersturmbannfuhrer Stripogram.

We all know their preferred style of music- lots of James Taylor, bits of Clifford T Ward, S&G etc., all accompanied by Neal’s precise guitar. Harmonies! Eeey lad, I’ll give thee ‘armonies!! Knowing the crowd, they’d dug out loads of stuff where we could join in and ruin their harmonies.

Shereen even put on her full-on Bronx accent for “Joe’s Diner”. Could have been mistaken for a genuine New Yorker. Sort of. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick out my favourite of the night, but really it had to be “Landslide”. Go and have a listen to the Fleetwood Mac version; it’s not a patch on the one we heard last night.

For an encore, Alun joined them to sing “You got a friend”, but only after he’d been to the toilet and washed his hands. Don’t ask, you just had to be there.

All in all, a great night’s music, both from our guests and all the floor spots, with lots of laughs inbetween. I hope they don’t leave it so long before they come again. If it’s too far to get to Warby’s club at Treuddyn on a Tuesday, N&S have a singaround at the Red Lion in Old Colwyn on Tuesday night (venue may change).

You won’t be seeing me for a few weeks now as we’re soon off to Cape Horn. You’ll survive.


No video from last night, but here’s a YouTube clip.

Friday January 20th 2023

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The weather hadn’t been the best, but those who turned out were bursting for a bit of fun, as January drags endlessly on.

Those who knew of him had been greatly saddened this week by the death of Les Barker, an amazingly talented and funny man and allround nice guy. I kicked off the evening with a couple from the Barker archive – “Jehova’s Witness at the door” and the lesser known “Church of the Holy Undecided”, with the whole audience getting stuck in.

John W was tripping on hallucinogenic substances courtesy of Donovan; Carole read another of Les’s poems about a Shi Tzu. Some say that Nick Jackson ran a ShiTzu in Colwyn Bay.

Alun had more Donovan in the form of the mispronounced “Islay”.

I can’t see the day when I would tire of hearing Mike sing “Who knows where the time goes”. Perfection. One of the best songs ever written and nobody can interpret it better than Mr Hawkins. He does need to get those fingerprints off the guitar.

A special treat for us tonight was Sheila. “Tanners and bobs”, taking us all back to our youth, which doesn’t feel all that long ago.

Dafydd had more Flanders and Swann this week, and a bit of Dylan (Zimmerman, not Thomas).

A few gems in the second half, notably John and Carole with “Sennen” (about a Cornish village, not a mild laxative available over-the-counter).

Next week we have a “big spot” from the Neal & Shereen Acoustic Band (ie. with Alan). It’s not a full “turn” so we still need all you floor singers.

Finally, for those not fortunate to have seen him in concert, here is the wonderful Les Barker, with his “Bag for life”. Poignant under the circumstances, but still excruciatingly funny.

Friday January 13th 2023

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With a lot to get through, Andrew wanted to start early. Alun was back from his sell-out gig at Treuddyn, but still hasn’t shaved; starting to look a bit like Uncle Albert.

I don’t like having to follow Alun, for obvious reasons.A couple of songs (that I did too fast), before Lesley calmed things down with her Scott Skinner fiddle tune, “Music of Spey”.

Mike doesn’t need to follow someone crap, he’s going to sound good whatever. “First Time (ever I saw your face) – doesn’t get much better.

Kevin included Steve Earle’s “Billy Austin”, a cheerful little song about a bloke sent to the electric chair. The blues and twos from N Wales’ finest on the road outside came in a verse too early.

A couple from Rick in his usual exuberant Texan style, and then in total contrast we had the gentle tones of Geoff Durno. Geoff had dug out a Tom Paxton song called “I followed her into the West”; I’d never heard it before but I liked the line “….tonight my resolution rose”. Never heard it called that before.

Now fully relaxed, the audience were treated to Fred and Lesley, on one of their rare visits to the UK. Rubbing it in again (did they mention they were off on holiday?) they sang “Leaving on a jet plane”, with another appearance of the paper Luftwaffe from the front row.

A lot of stuff in Welsh tonight.Dafydd had a verse about a woman who was unable to find her car after shopping. I couldn’t understand 95% of it but I recognised TK Max, M & S, Tesco and Starbucks. I don’t know where the piece was supposed to be set, but there was no Waitrose, so it was nowhere posh. New face Rhodri, sang a couple of songs including his own version of “Myfanwy”. Didn’t need PA.

In fairness to Andrew, it looked as though there would be just time for a round of one each in the second half. Short songs and no faffing about somehow left a spare 20 minutes, but we gratefully accepted a couple of extras each fromKevin and Geoff.

Singers Night next week, then on the 27th, our singers will be enhanced by a big spot from the Neal & Shereen band.

Friday January 6th 2023

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It’s time for that “New Year, new me” bullshit, endemic at the beginning of every year. I’d like to assure my readers that I’m going to be the same miserable git I’ve always been.

A decent turnout for our first session of the year. Andrew, we know, likes to live life on the edge, but in a move, daring by even his standards – HE PUT A POET ON FIRST!

The crowd still reeling from this audacious move were hugely entertained by Dafydd, with a couple of Flanders and Swann pieces.

Fred and Lesley underestimate themselves. Two great sets tonight; “Deportees” was enhanced by the appearance of a squadron of paper planes (mine was easily the best) as “the skyplane caught fire over Los Gatos canyon”. One of their songs in the second half appeared to be called “Ciabatta”, but other Italian breads are available.

Alan usually has to sit to perform but was able to stand up to deliver his first set; good to see you sober Al.Promising to play his pipes again soon.

Alun is defying Wendy and has not shaved. Yet. I really think you should reconsider this strategy for your long term health. “Cyn Delwyf I Gymru’n Ol” is a hiraeth song about a bloke who thinks he will never return to Wales (Ryan Giggs?). In the second half he sang “Silver Dagger” for Margaret. Shame she’d had to leave early.

Part way through the evening, Andrew had been troubled by what he called “Lexicographical bollocks”. This could never be applied to Bee, whose two verses were pure joy.

Mike seldom disappoints, although he claims that the last time he sang “Steal Away” he cocked it up. Surely not! Not much wrong with it tonight. He’s back on Penguin Eggs and Anglicising Sir Walter Scott songs.

I had the best (William and Harry) gag of the night. I’m writing the blog – my opinion is what counts. “Sound of Silence” was the original song about a lock-in at a boozer, later modified by Paul Simon. Fred said he’d had an almost identical experience.

Being slightly ahead of time, we had a double singalong to finish, always good fun.

Back there next week, 8.00.

Advance warning – the ever popular Neal and Shereen Band (ie with Neal’s bro’ Alan) will be doing a bit of a spot on the 27th Jan. Not to be missed.


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Another ZOOM meeting with Rhyl Folk Club, a benefit of the club’s venue being closed over holiday periods. It meant we got to meet up again with all our far flung friends we hadn’t seen for over 3 months and enjoy their company and singing.

Plenty turned up to our early New Years Eve party, there was chat, banter, barracking and, of course, the usual insults from our genial MC. The craic was good and the Waitrose twins in Surrey had been to their favourite emporium for some aardvark and laverbread crisps which they seemed to be enjoying. We have some champagne and serrano chilli in our cupboard, but John is rationing me to no more than 6 crisps per evening, the things he does for my waistline!

Today being Hogmanay, I’d like to give you Lesley’s ultimate guide to this time.

  • Hogamanay is so celebrated in Scotland as Christmas was cancelled for 400 years after the Reforamtion
  • Allow 2 days for the celebration, and 2 weeks for the recovery period
  • When first footing always bring a coin for prosperity, a lump of coal for warmth and whisky for a wee dram.
  • Don’t link arms until the 5th verse of Auld Lang Syne ( an’ there’s a hand ma’ trusty feire, and gie’s a hand o’ thine)
  • and watch out if you’re anywhere near Stonehaven, those fireballs are dangerous things!

Things to look out for, amongst all the other great stuff, include:

  • Dave’s Dulcimer
  • The unceremonial dumping of Linda in the second half by Brian Carter
  • Phil’s dog
  • The Durham duo, offering themselves up as an alternative to a Durno (who still remains the drug of choice)
  • Gaffer’s Pope in a roll(s royce)
  • Helen (the birthday girl) with her Yan Tan Tethera. Apparently a sheep counting system traditionally used by shepherd’s in the North of England, also used in a song from Wensleydale in Yorkshire for counting knitting stitches.
  • Aitch’s All Around My Fat, a song about playtex, the original version of modern womens “shape wear”.
  • Alun’s power supply problems, which seemed to cause bum notes and word failure (nothing to do with the Famous Grouse).

So to wind up, enjoy the recording which is embedded here, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and remember, “Whit’s fur ye’ll nae ging bye ye”

Friday December 16th 2022

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It was nice to see an almost full house for our last “live” session of the year. I say almost, because Alun was missing, and Christmas without Alun singing “Bleak Midwinter” is like eggs without salt. Wendy has Covid and although he was testing negative and symptom free, he did the right thing and stayed at home, flushing any virus particles from his body with copious amounts of alcohol. Hope Wendy is soon on the mend.

Somehow it was my turn to start again! How did that happen? I was caught wearing Lesley’s tights.

Lesley was a therefore a bit chilly playing her fiddle tune, but got by. The other Lesley had some interesting songs on offer. “House of the rising sun” sung to the tune of a Carol. When Fred eventually remembered which carol it was (Little town of Bethlehem).

They also had a version of “Silent Night”, half in Welsh.

In the verse section, Bee had the 12 days of unwanted gifts of Christmas (we don’t want to see them brought as raffle prizes in the New Year, thank you). Dafydd had collected the worst set of Chrismas cracker jokes known to man.

Christmas Puzzler. 1). Can you spot 10 differences in the pictures below? (I can’t) 2). How low an IQ do you need to want to watch a programme made by Ging and whinge?

Kevin – always a popular turn. A night can never have enough Saw Doctors songs.

Warby, a vision in green, giving us Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. All life is here at Rhyl Folk Club.

Carole returned some sanity to the proceedings with a couple of her Christmas poems.

Abbi and Jim, a breath of fresh air, still full of the enthusiasm of youth and about to embark on tour on a cruise ship full of Yanks so best of luck there. A couple of great sets from them tonight, with plenty for the old buggers to join in with.

Mike was reluctant to leave his table to sing, having won the Glenlivet in the raffle, in case someone nicked it (at Rhyl! Surely not! I hear you cry). I thought he was pushing it to expect the Audience to be able to master the echo bit in “Do you see what I see”, but they did very well.

Rick was brewing up the Rosie Lee and losing his legs with some privateers. Looks better with his haircut.

A spectacular raffle tonight; a hamper, 2 malts, a bread wreath and a wealth of booze and choccies. Who brought the jar of piccalilli? Vomit-in-a-bottle!! Thanks to all those who have given so generously throughout the year. Also thanks to all who organised the food for the interval. Another big thanks to Roly and Marg for all the work they do every week before you get there.

Kevin sent us home singing “One hand on the radio, one on the wheel”. Rhyl F C does not recommend driving in this fashion.

Next Friday, we’re having a night off, so you’ll have to entertain your guests; they’re your relatives, if you didn’t want them, you shouldn’t have asked them to come. Friday the 30th is Zoom night, log in details on this website on the “Club News” page. We’re all back at Tynewydd on the 6th Jan.

John’s end of year tip – Forget the past, you can’t change it. Forget the present, I haven’t got you one.

For those of us who missed Alun last night here he is

Friday November 25th 2022

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That’s more like it! Lots of bums on seats, lots of noise but lots of barracking and abuse for the poor, mild mannered soul doing his best to MC. You lot don’t deserve me. The blog is a bit late today, as Brian and Sue have been down from Co. Durham this week and I’ve been trying to tidy up their room after they left this morning.

I opened with a couple of Scots songs then Lesley played “Mrs. Shepherd’s Fancy”, written by ARJ.

Everyone had chorus songs tonight from the start. Mike had a couple including “Leaving on a jet plane. Fred and Lesley P delved into fox hunting. Rhyl Folk Club has no official stance on blood sports, but we would certainly not be averse to seeing Jacob Rees Mogg torn apart by a pack of Rottweilers.

Alan was still shamelessly plugging his new CD and Adrian sang of a transvestite aboard ship, a song which contained the only death of the night. Dafydd basically got the audience to sing the song for him.

It’s always a treat to have Kevin in our midst, especially when he knocks out a Saw Doctors’ tune. Tonight he had chosen a shirt to match his guitar strap – attention to detail rarely seen these days.

In a world seemingly full of bigotry and hate, the Warbies are a liitle splash of love and affection to brighten our lives. John sang a song he had written for Carole as he said it was 56 years since they went on their first date. Sorry John, no cigar, when Carole revealed it was actually 54 years. Similarly Carole had a poem for John and another about the art work on John’s guitar case (done for him by Neil Martin).

Alun had some Dylan for us -“to make you feel my love”. A bit of gob iron would have been nice with it.

Despite this wealth of goodies, the highlight of the night was always going to be our chums from up North.

How fortuitous that the request pulled out of the box last week was for them to sing “The Bergen”, so we managed to squeeze 4 out of them altogether. A rotund Welsh gentleman sprinted on to the stage to join them in Dougie MacLean’s “Down too deep”.

We’ve had some great fun with them while they’ve been down this week, including a trip to Liverpool, where we taught them a bit of Scouse (we ate chechen in a perple shert).

The finale was “Peggy Gordon” In G. Only Alun could reach it. In D next time please!

Most of you know that Sue has had a rough time these past few months, and they really appreciated everyone’s concern and tried to talk to everyone during the course of the night, but Sue sends apologies for missing the Stokies. The club presented her with a bunch of flowers and hope things will get sorted out.

They’ll be back again, just as soon as I’ve repaired their trashed room.

We’re all back next week.

Friday April 18th 2014 (50th Anniversary).

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apr_18_3_rr cutoutApr 18 8 rrWith a capacity crowd and a long list of singers, Andrew rolled up the sleeves of his K.F.C. shirt (other take-aways are available) and got off to an early start. If you want to see everyone who sang, look at the collage at the bottom, the list is too long to mention everyone in the blog.

apr_18_4_rrIt was a delight to see and hear some of the “old-timers” who had made the effort to be at the club on our 50th anniversary. Darryl got “premature clap” when, merely pausing in his song to take a swig from his pint of Chilean merlot, some of the audience thought (wished?) he’d finished and put their hands together. I owe a great personal debt to Darryl for his encouragement when I first started at the club over 25 years ago. If you think I’m crap now, you should have heard me then! apr 18 16 rr

Hadyn Smith, looking very dapper, first sang at the club in 1966, and despite having to be somewhere else on the night managed to turn up to give a moving version of “The Fish Finger Blues”.

I’m not sure how Brian got through “All the little chickens”, with the wall of sound of farmyard animals coming back at him. Brian looks almost as young as ever (due to the picture in his attic), but alas, Jeff seems to have now stopped exfoliating and using his moisturiser and is showing 6 of the 7 signs of ageing; the only one he fails to demonstrate is rigor mortis. Jeff has been doing much of the graft for the club for years and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. That unfortunately doesn’t stop me taking the piss.apr 18 14 rr

Thanks to all the ladies who provided the food and to everyone who brought stuff for the raffle. Except Mike Hawkins. Those who read last weeks summary may remember he returned a perfectly good bottle of booze which he then won for a second time. Sure enough it returned again this week. Hopefully it has now gone to a good home where it will be treated with more care and respect.apr 18 9 rr

It was fitting that young Mathew finished off the evening, after hearing the people who had carried the club through it’s first 50 years. Billy Connolly once likened life to a bus journey, where people keep getting off, sometimes before their stop. Over the years we’ve lost a few; Mike Hand, Kristen, Lindsay and of course, Ted. Due to the demographics of the club, it’s inevitable that more of us will be standing up and ringing the bell and we seem unable to attract a younger element to come and have a laugh on a Friday night, with the predictable end result of Mathew singing to an empty room (or a row of urns). We hope Mathew got his parents back to the home safely.

Guest night next week – Peter and Barbara Snape.50th collage finish

apr 18 21 rr