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Friday January 19th 2018

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It was good to see some old faces back this week (ok, all the faces on a Friday night are old and have seen better days). Colin was there without mandolin (poorly fingers) and Jenny was present, still with a limp. I kicked her in the other shin which improved her gait.

Jeff was “top turd” this week. I can’t remember what he sang but he started off with a minute of silence so we could all listen to Glenys on her phone outside. I love it when women talk dirty.

Alun was accompanied by his tarty Washburn and had some Tom Paxton, while I opted for the famous Jewish Scotsman, Rabbi Burns.

Mel had graciously brought me the leftovers of a Christmas raffle prize – a 1/4  of his bottle of Scotch. Sadly the bottle only started off as a miniature, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

He sang a bit of a weepy Pete Abbot song, and informed us that it was EmCee’s birthday. I’m not saying how old he is but he’s hoping for a sexual position of the same number.

AWR hasn’t given me a track from tonight, but I’m putting on an old version of the standout song of the night, from Geoff Durno at the end.

Adrian was fairly predictable this week with gratuitous random violence, a long stick dance and smut.

Pat Brookes won the snowball, but as she hasn’t been for a long while, it rolls over next week. I miss Pat. She had been a club stalwart for years and was always the best dressed pensioner Rhyl has ever produced. Come back, all is forgiven.

T Gwyn had John Lennon’s “Deaf Ted, Danoota and me”; obviously a poem from the 60s when it contains the line “Burnley 10 Aston Villa 3”. I think I was at Turf Moor for that.

This is the bit where my New Year resolution kicks in.

We now reached the climax of the show (hold yourself back, EmCee!) when Brian strode manfully on to the stage. Ignoring the hecklers and yobs at the back (and the middle and a few at the front), he entertained us with a song about poaching, a topic which we all hold close to our hearts. When he brought his concertina out, the cheer could have been heard in Gronant. How Alun must rue the day he picked up an accordion in preference to a concertina. Brian surprisingly still has a few unsold copies of his LP for sale; grab ’em while you can, they will be worth a fortune when he pops his clogs and he’s no spring chicken.

Rick and Delora managed a set together without a “domestic”.  Rick says he getting a haircut next week. What am I going to write about?

Delora is the only regular singer with two X chromosomes. Come on girls, let’s have a few more of you strutting your stuff.

EmCee had timed it to perfection with a second round of “ones” and just time to say “Goodnight Irene”

If you’ve got a big pile of ironing to do, have a look at “Material from the club archive” (right hand side of this website’s Homepage) and look in “Recordings” for a video of the 1995 Christmas do. I seem to have been edited out.

Otherwise here’s Geoff with one of my favourites.





Friday January 12th 2018

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We were all obviously dismayed to hear that President Trump had cancelled his UK visit to open the new embassy in London, but spirits soon lifted. “The money could have been better spent on my new NASA project – a manned mission to the sun” tweeted the president. “Of course there will be problems with the heat”, he continued, “but I have it figured – we’ll go at night. And the Mexicans are going to pay for it”

Brian had floated to the top of the slurry this week and therefore did three to start. Must remember my New Year’s resolution to be nice to him. A stunning set from Brian, as always, including “Sheep crook and black dog”, which we all love so much. Sadly he hadn’t brought his concertina with him this week. The rumour that a grandchild had put a 7 inch blade to the bellows crying “shut the f*** up Grandad!” is completely unfounded. Apart from a few bum notes his guitar work was faultless.

Rick had both a tune and a song both wot he had rit, but no haircut.

Mike was back to an old bobbly jumper and included a home counties version of “Jock o’ Hazeldean”.

Alun arrived with a new blonde he’d picked up on e bay. She had a shapely spruce top and a gorgeous rounded maple derriere. (Maple costs upwards of three ha’pence a foot). His set was entirely Simon & Garfunkel.

Delora was in poem reading mode, with three of her own, including “Never go to Kansas”. I wasn’t intending to.

A couple from me filled in the time before Adrian graced the stage. “William Taylor” – it doesn’t end well for him; “lily white breasts” were the outstanding feature. Following last week’s “diaspora” argument, tempers were running high and a scuffle broke out with the ex pathologist re. the pronunciation of “itinerant”.

T Gwyn put us straight on the appalling levels of corruption involved in sheep dog trials. He had Betjeman again, but a clean one.

The break was upon us. There has been a noticeable absence of preserves in the raffle for the last 11 months, but there was new season Seville marmalade on offer tonight. Shreds were evenly distributed and said to be fully cooked.

We thought the “Snowball” would run for weeks till it was won, but Adie’s number was drawn from the bag and the lucky bugger went home with a tenner. This means it’s back to a fiver next week.

Jeff opened part 2 with “Poor wayfaring Strangler” (I missed Ted’s touch on the tambourine) and something with a bit too much “God” for my taste.

“Time for sets of 2 each if there’s no twiddlin’ ” said EmCee. And so it came to pass.

Over the festive period, AWR had filled his time, when he wasn’t praising the Lord for the gift of his only begotten son, by scanning archive material left by Darryl. If you have any old photos or other material relating to the club, please see Andrew. The stuff we’ve already got can be seen on  

We’ve decided to have “theme nights” where performers include material from a chosen category. Ruth has picked “Humorous Songs” for February 9th. Singers be aware.

A contingent went to see Mel at Ellesmere Port last week – here is EmCee’s summary.

Seven go mad in Ellesmere Port.
The venture scout group of RFC were out and about last Thursday. We were off to the Hungry Horse Folk Club on Wirral to see Club favourite Mel Barratt’s big spot and help to raise money for Claire House at the same time. We were made very welcome at a cracking venue with loads of community uses. There are bars, squash courts, 5 a side, multi rooms and more more more. We hope to go and see Richard Digance on Feb 15th. There was a standard sing around including our own Mike Hawkins and Mel was as good as ever. Brown Owl Glenys was in charge with Akela Val supervising badges. John got his badge for “sitting still “and I was successful in the award of “ordering two different hot drinks at the same time”. Proper beer and a warm welcome, made for a really good night, and £170 for Hope House. Brown Owl is busy plotting a trip to the Mucky Duck soon. Come and join us.

It’s been a lengthy blog this week so you probably won’t want to listen to this tosh.

Friday January 5th 2018

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First night back in the New Year and everyone seemed genuinely pleased to see old friends, a pleasant change after all the false bonhomie of the Christmas period (did I ever mention that I could easily live without it?).

Andrew decided to set the bar to it’s lowest rung and therefore put me on first. “Cousin Jack” is a song about the Cornish diaspora of the late 19th C. After taking advice on the pronunciation of “diaspora”, I took sides with Mr. West, who had spent his life teaching a language (albeit a dead one) rather than Mr. Pritchard , who had spent much of his life sucking sputum up pipettes.

Brian, despite the tropical heat in the room, insisted on wearing his technicolour dreamcoat (more like a nightmare) the whole evening. He had been on the stage less than 30 seconds when he again broke the microphone. He eventually sang a jolly, topical song about transportation. His guitar was out of tune, but it had slipped his notice that he had an electronic tuner clipped to the headstock. My New Year’s resolution was to only write nice things about Brian, who receives a disproportionate amount of stick. How am I doing? The concertina was beautiful.

Adrian had already broken his resolution to learn new songs. The tune was a stickless, hankieless dance.

Alun on the other hand had been busy. Not only had he bought yet another guitar, claiming it was by accident, he also had a shiny new song, “The snows they melt the soonest”, from the N.E. of England, not a Geordie accent to be heard. Howay the lads.

Mike was getting the most from his new Christmas jumper (in all fairness, it’s simply “wintry”). A few weeks ago, T Gwyn and I mentioned that he should start singing Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar” again. Lo and Behold! Lovely song, beautifully delivered. For those not familiar, it’s about death rather than going to buy a round.

Jeff had suffered no health problems over the missing couple of weeks. It must have been a very large cracker that held his joke; it took up what should have been half his spot.

T Gwyn took us to the break with Betjeman’s Myfanwy. This is still available to listen to on our Soundcloud thingy, should you be in need of some arousal in the nether regions.

The raffle thankfully contained little in the way of unwanted Xmas gifts, but we were introduced to THE SNOWBALL!!! This proved too complex a concept for many. Each week a small white numbered polystyrene ball will be drawn from a bag (sorry, not Jeff’s scrotum). Mike will look up the corresponding membership number in his little book and the winner will win a cash prize. It started off at £5 last night, rolling over plus an additional £5 each week till it’s won (subject to an as yet undetermined maximum). THE MEMBER HAS TO BE PRESENT ON THE NIGHT TO WIN.  Rob Caton wasn’t there so next week you’ll have a chance of a tenner, but only if you’re there. It’s a bit like those machines in the bookies that they’re trying to ban.

Vin opened part 2 with “Letter to Hank”. I was expecting some interesting rhymes.

Time for a round of ones before we finished off with the never ending “Bloody Blood Red Roses”. How I hate that song.

These days, Adrian has warmed to the use of electronic equipment, so we are able to bring you “The Two Men of Bristol City”. Did I mention how good Brian was last night?

Friday December 15th 2017.

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The final clubnight of the year and the crowds were out in force with their over- the- top headgear and jumpers.

For me, Christmas starts, not mid September when Slade can be heard in Tesco’s, but when Alun sings “In the Bleak Midwinter”. I’ll put it on at the end so get a cuppa and a mince pie ready.

Unfortunately, I had to follow that. A song about Good King Herod and then the one about the man who slits the turkeys’ throats at Christmas eventually got some audience participation. My singing is actually better than it sounds, although many would disagree.

Jeff “took a load off fanny” with the audience now getting to grips with the concept of harmonies, but more of him later. I must thank Ruth once again for her superb collection of photos – they’d tell the story of the night on their own without the drivel from me.

Phil Williams’ set got us joining in as he always does; it’s good to see him getting down more regularly.

MIKE HAD A NEW JUMPER!! Very nice too. “Lord Franklin” wasn’t very festive, but I suppose he was near the North Pole and Santa’s Grotto when he starved to death in the ice. “Do You Hear What I Hear” was an excellent addition to his repertoire; aided by a Senior Citizen’s i- pad (crumpled scrap of paper with the words on – batteries don’t run out).

Brian was wearing the suit he normally reserves for weddings and funerals. His first offering was a pre-Christian pagan song, pre-dating even Noddy Holder, followed up by “Christmas Bells”. The concertina didn’t sound too bad.

T Gwyn took us to the break with Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar”. I agree with him that Mike should sing this again.

There was a groaning table of butties etc. for us during the break, alongside a groaning table of raffle prizes, but the tension was palpable as Margaret rolled a ball out of the bingo machine for the winning number for the Vintage Cask Glenfiddich (generously donated by Steve Jones). Rick wasn’t there! Who would win? Could it be me? (No ****ing chance!). Bugger!, it was Stuart.

Part 2 started off tastefully with Sheila reading “The Night Before Christmas” – I’m sure a lot of us will be churning this one out to our Grandchildren next week. I must thank Mike & Sheila for sitting in the draughtiest spot in the club every week and making everyone feel so welcome as they arrive (and part with their cash).

Adrian’s jumper was very festive, much less so his songs. The one about the naked woman with a dagger concealed between her voluminous breasts does however always bring a certain warm glow (to half the audience, anyway).

Mel can be relied upon to make us smile; despite his St Patrick’s Day headgear he was well in the Christmas spirit. “Walking round in women’s underwear” however has left me in need of counselling, as the image of Adrian in a see thru negligee is imprinted in my visual cortex. Mrs B will give him grief again re. the greasy fingerprints on the guitar.

John Killion read the one about the Christmas puddin’ made for Marksman Sam Small at the Battle of Badajoz. I found this greatly entertaining, which is more than can be said for the tedious, never-ending, makes blood drip from your ears “Push the bloody damper in” song. He hates me ‘cos I’m from Burnley.

EmCee had run the night superbly, as always. There was never going to time for a second round for everybody, but he allowed time for the group finale. Ruth’s photo tells it all. Jeff at his best. The choreography would certainly win the glitterball on “Strictly dancing when you’re half pissed”.

On a serious note, Stuart was accosted in the car park where he was encouraged to give the whisky “to charity”. The police would like to interview a tall lady with a baseball bat and her getaway car driver who was heard to sing “Waltzing Matilda” whilst simultaneously necking the uncorked bottle as they sped away towards Prestatyn.

Next clubnight is on the 5th January. I would like to wish you all a happy and a prosperous New Year, although this seems ever more unlikely as Brexit looms closer. Never mind, here’s Alun.



Friday, December 8th 2017

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In a cruel twist of fate, the Met Office decided to take revenge on Jeff Blythin the same day that Tom McConville and Tony Wilson were due to play at the club. Last year Blythin had written a terse letter to the Met. Office complaining that he’d just finished shovelling 4 inches of rather wet and windy from outside his house and that they should consider polishing their crystal balls with a bit more vigour in future. They obviously took exception to this and yesterday’s weather was the outcome and due to this seasonal outbreak of snow etc. Tom McConville and Tony Wilson were unable to make it to the club but fear not they will be back in 2018. Anyway, blame it on Blythin his teachers always did.
Well as expected due to the weather the turnout was bit smaller than usual but those who did brave the perils of getting to the club had a bloody good time. All turned up suitably wrapped and coddled. Ruth had a bit of a job helping Andrew remove his mittens because the string tying them together had got tangled in the scarf she’d wrapped around his neck and then tied behind his back. Frank had his balaclava on back to front, Adie had to take the snow chains of his chair before he was allowed in and in her haste to get to the club Glenys had put her wellies on the wrong feet. The room was beautifully decorated, the heating was on and everyone was pleased to see each other, the talk was obviously about the snow and the price of mince pies when Andrew our erstwhile Leonard Sachs got up to kick the night off. He did a brief review of the latest addition to his C.D. collection The Old Crow Medicine Band’s live performance of Blonde on Blonde, and I must say it’s mostly excellent.
Mr. Sachs plumped for Adrian West to start which gave said Mr. West a surprise as he was opening his bottle at the time and nearly spilled some froth form the lip of his tankard, undeterred he fought his way to the front of the room, where he admonished Sachs for chewing in class. For those in the know, this weeks’ was a Long Stick dance with a triple skip then hop. Blythin was to the fore next but had to leave the stage before he started to use the spittoon, he sang a Christmas song about snow, fires, blue birds and Eskimos – I think he’d been at the mince pies. Mike, clad in his chic Christmas top was in excellent voice. Mrs Jones’s little chocolate soldier then turned up late with a letter from matron explaining how he’d been delayed due to his socks coming down when wearing his wellies, so while he was wiping the tears from his eyes and creating a slug trail on his sleeve Brian got up guitar in hand and finger nail fully restored. As per Brian was in excellent performing mood. By now Jones had nearly pulled himself together and finished off the first half with a couple of lovely ‘uns.
Andrew and Ruth won the Pork Scratchings and Pot Noodle prize in the raffle, he he he he.
Adrian West had recovered from the near spillage of his beer in the first half and so was able to kick start the second half with aplomb, or should that be a plumb. Blythin regaled the audience with instructions on how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; on the face that is and Mike didn’t have to use the spittoon before he started his second stint at the front. Brian bought his little box with him for his next set and breaths were held in anticipation of All the Little Chickens, but to no avail – I don’t blame him at all. Alun finished off the floor singers’ spots with his magic organ all sparkly with buttons and whistles and things that go bump in the night; then all the singers got up and gave a rollicking rendition of Sloop John B to send the audience home with a spring in their step a smile on their collective faces and thanking the good lord they’d never gone out on a date with Blythin when he was 13 years old.
This weeks selected track is by Alun.


Friday April 18th 2014 (50th Anniversary).

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apr_18_3_rr cutoutApr 18 8 rrWith a capacity crowd and a long list of singers, Andrew rolled up the sleeves of his K.F.C. shirt (other take-aways are available) and got off to an early start. If you want to see everyone who sang, look at the collage at the bottom, the list is too long to mention everyone in the blog.

apr_18_4_rrIt was a delight to see and hear some of the “old-timers” who had made the effort to be at the club on our 50th anniversary. Darryl got “premature clap” when, merely pausing in his song to take a swig from his pint of Chilean merlot, some of the audience thought (wished?) he’d finished and put their hands together. I owe a great personal debt to Darryl for his encouragement when I first started at the club over 25 years ago. If you think I’m crap now, you should have heard me then! apr 18 16 rr

Hadyn Smith, looking very dapper, first sang at the club in 1966, and despite having to be somewhere else on the night managed to turn up to give a moving version of “The Fish Finger Blues”.

I’m not sure how Brian got through “All the little chickens”, with the wall of sound of farmyard animals coming back at him. Brian looks almost as young as ever (due to the picture in his attic), but alas, Jeff seems to have now stopped exfoliating and using his moisturiser and is showing 6 of the 7 signs of ageing; the only one he fails to demonstrate is rigor mortis. Jeff has been doing much of the graft for the club for years and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. That unfortunately doesn’t stop me taking the piss.apr 18 14 rr

Thanks to all the ladies who provided the food and to everyone who brought stuff for the raffle. Except Mike Hawkins. Those who read last weeks summary may remember he returned a perfectly good bottle of booze which he then won for a second time. Sure enough it returned again this week. Hopefully it has now gone to a good home where it will be treated with more care and respect.apr 18 9 rr

It was fitting that young Mathew finished off the evening, after hearing the people who had carried the club through it’s first 50 years. Billy Connolly once likened life to a bus journey, where people keep getting off, sometimes before their stop. Over the years we’ve lost a few; Mike Hand, Kristen, Lindsay and of course, Ted. Due to the demographics of the club, it’s inevitable that more of us will be standing up and ringing the bell and we seem unable to attract a younger element to come and have a laugh on a Friday night, with the predictable end result of Mathew singing to an empty room (or a row of urns). We hope Mathew got his parents back to the home safely.

Guest night next week – Peter and Barbara Snape.50th collage finish

apr 18 21 rr