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Verse or Worse?

The whistle goes, we”re all here, its only football

Across the pond v those at home, it really is too close to call

Then Stones hit the post

Three acres of land is surely some dedication

We have a short break to discuss re-location

Sheila’s in nostalgia mode with her message

Mike’s in search of the north-west passage

Fine save from Pickford

Rich doing jokes about having a wee

Brian and Sue, always a pleasure to see

Jack has left Taid down in the dumps

There follows some chat about dicky pumps

Good save from Marshall

Now, Peter Cook he’s new, he comes with his Buckets of rain

He’s welcome, from York, I’ll go there again

Grealish is warming up

Helen gave us a sad song about mother’s woes

All because of those Holy joes

Things took a turn about obstetric employ

But, wait!, Natasha’s back- what joy!

There followed a ditty about Wandsworth six X

And hard time blues waiting for cheques

We just had time for Norman and Norma, and, of course Nancy

Always a bit of what we fancy

After twenty odd years John and Lesley left Wales- still frisky

With a parting glass- full of whisky

Goodnight and joy be with you all

It is after all, just a game of football.

Friday June 11th 2021

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After what started off looking like a quiet night, it got busier and with all the banter going on and the general incompetence of the idiot running the show, we had an all time late finish. A good night though.

T Gwyn’s grandson Jac is fast becoming a cult figure; tonight he had a rap version of a Welsh nursery rhyme.

At last we got Margaret to sing for us! Light under bushel or what? “Black Hills of Dakota” in a Black Country accent. Beautiful. Like “Peaky Blinders the Musical”.

Uncle John’s Health and Lifestyle Advice.

Q. Every day I hear a voice telling me what to do; do I have mental health issues or am I possessed by demons? (from “Big Al”)

A. Neither. You’re married.

Q. My child won’t eat fish, what can I replace it with? (from Gladys).

A. A cat. Cats love fish.

Brian and Sue had learnt “Down too Deep” (Dougie Maclean) in a week! Lovely harmonies as always and great guitar work from Brian.

Brian giving it some welly

Top filth award this week goes to Izzie for her rendition relating to several shades of grey, and Dave Hyche wins the nostalgia prize for “It’s Only Make Believe”.

As many of you know, I’m moving house in just over a week. Stress!!!! Next time I move someone will be carrying me out in a wooden overcoat (although Funeral Directors are almost as low a life form as solicitors or estate agents (except Glenys). Friday nights are keeping me sane(ish). Remember…….

That’s your lot for this week. “But you didn’t say much about the night John!” Tough. Watch it on YouTube.

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FRIDAY 4th JUNE 2021

Another Friday evening at Rhyl Folk Club and despite the glorious summer weather and the easing of restrictions plenty of people still turned up.

While it wasn’t a theme night, there were numerous contributions on the D Day front.

Mike, after alerting people to the subject, did Willie McBride – wasn’t he in the wrong war? This clearly opened the doors and offerings poured in from various conflicts.

Dafydd – was a Willing Conscript

Terry was in The Middle East;

Bee was in Syria – Bee’s poems always paint pictures for me, this one was particularly graphic and poignant.

Phil’s war was long forgotten, that is, I can’t remember which one it was!

Away from war – Chas and Jan were wrapped up in rubber and jodhpurs, what they get up to in the confines of their own home is their business. This is the trouble with zoom, sometimes you get to see things you’d rather not have seen.

Mike and Helen were singing about God’s Creatures and Gaffer was slicing pickles.

Word of the night, courtesy of Bee – lugubrious

Things you wont see on the recording:

Phil’s shorts

Chas and Jan role playing to Mike and Helen’s “Lay Your Head…” – bet they didn’t realise it was an “Action Song”

Yveline’s pink headphones.

Glenys’s plaster cast and bruises.

and The Stokies – they were stuck in a time warp in Denbigh’s Cae Dai 50’s museum .

Things we learnt:

Alun sees chords as colours. How does he do that if he’s colour blind? Alun and Brian Race both suffer from this affliction, doesn’t affect the quality of their singing.

A note to our chairman – Andrew P. Look out for Carl’s version of Fields of Athenry, while obviously not a patch on yours, it’s definitely worth a mention. And finally, who was responsible for starting to plumb the depths with the gynaecological jokes?

Thanks to everyone who joins us from around the country and abroad, we count you all as our friends and part of our club. Watch them all again on the you tube recording below.

This drivel was brought to you by Lesley, the good woman behind JS, just remember, that while I have some influence over his actions, I can’t control what comes out of his gob!

Friday May 28th 2021

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Alun has been presented with a massive file size from Zoom, so, if he manages to salvage it, the recording will appear later, in the usual place below this drivel. It also means I’ve no screenshots to put in.

After a week off, it was good to see all our talented performers once again. Myself, Mike and Helen were also there. In fact we had a first; with the rules allowing more socialisation, the Davies pair were joined by Irene in the flesh for a threesome. Apparently “threesomes” are popular in that part of Surrey. Poor “Dave from Mumbles” had been ditched by Irene and left at home with the attractive Au Pair. Mike’s guitar work looked suspect.

We had a very young performer! Aiden recited the Welsh nursery rhyme Jac Y Do (the jackdaw). So good we had a second dose, as it was very short.

A word from our sponsors –

Uncle John’s relationship column.

Guys! If the wife says “Correct me if I’m wrong…..”. Do NOT, under any circumstances do it. Ditto with “Fine! Go ahead!”

Always remember, anything you say to your wife will be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Several regular faces were missing, presumably with family stuff going on at the Bank Holiday weekend, but I suppose we must accept that we will be seeing less of some of our new found chums as life returns to some form of normality. I sincerely hope we can keep in touch with many. On the plus side, we had lots of time to chat, and I could allow time for all the couples to get their proper allocation of songs.

As you have already gathered, I’m scratching round for material today. If the YouTube vid appears, I’ll put it in later.

Not that you care, but my back is on the mend.

Finally, if you want to put a request for anyone to do a particular song (that they know!) don’t be afraid to ask.

Friday 14th May 2021

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Another Friday and it was a busy one again. We welcomed a new face, Gwyneth, who despite her name hailed from London, albeit with Welsh roots. It’s always nice to see new people, we hoped you enjoyed it and come back soon. Other occasionals were there, Dewi and Eileen, Paul, Jack and Colin and along with the usual crowd we had a great night.

Names were the name of the day – does that break the rules of the grammar police? I’m sure they’ll let me know. The challenge accepted, there were plenty to be heard throughout the night, but I thought I’d point out a few of the more obscure entries:

Rich – vio”lin”

Mike H – “Sey”ano”more”

Dafydd – was perpen”dic”ular

Mike and Helen – used to “carry” my books to school

Maureen – with her “ed” tucked underneath her arm

Gwyneth – we lived in “Shan”ty houses

Alun – was a real bad “penny”

John S – was standing on a runway in “Sandi”ago

Alan M – claimed not to have prepared one with a name but, as he said he was not really t”ryan”

John Shepherd’s first entry was disqualified as he tried to include too many – Bogie, Isabel, Lily and Primrose, don’t try to be a clever ….!

Of course I should point out Gaffer’s sound effect machine in Bernard Melcher in the second half. Don’t miss it on the recording, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Thanks everyone for coming, and making it such a fun night.

IMPORTANT NOTICE We won’t see you next week as we’re having a week off (holidays and such like) but we’ll be back on the 28th of MAY.

Be sure to listen to the recording here on you tube.

Friday, May 7th 2021

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Every day is a school day.

Right, class, we’ve a busy day and by Jove ,we’ll need to be on our toes tonight. Although, not John, who has a note from his mum. No P.E for you boy! ARJ will do the job of keeping his balls in the air. No sniggering, Edna. We have a couple of new boys and girls this evening and, as ever, they are warmly received into the fold and can be assured of a friendly reception at all times. The attendance tonight is in excess of twenty, so we have a challenge, but we’ll get there.

We have tonight for your delectation and appreciation a veritable cornucopia of fun and chat and musicianship. Personal favourites for me are Alan’s pipes, Curtis at Bimbo Bay, oh, and you’ll need pen and paper if you want to go to Valparaiso in a rowboat- from Vancouver. Maureen has the details. New boys Paul and Jon were also, ahem, on song. Jon is from Hampshire and has a good claim for the oldest English folk club. And, he’s been to Rhyl!

 How John got through them all and Alun juggling the list was a joy to behold. And we even had time for a few returns after Gaffer’s helpful suggestion to hear more from the newbies. As usual then, get on the old YT and enjoy another tuneful evening’s entertainment. Next week, we have homework. Please try to include a song with a name in it. Just a bit of whimsy, but we like to stretch our participants. Oh, did I mention Terry Hiscock’s version of She Moved through the Fair? Wonderful.

Friday April 30th 2021.

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We seem to alternate mad busy weeks with relatively quieter ones. Tonight was a quieter one, but has the advantage that I have time to go round to most of the audience Muppet boxes, so no one misses out on being insulted and ridiculed.

Some people had brought their grandchildren along. Child cruelty? Iago didn’t have much to say, mainly because Glenys was grasping him firmly round the throat to stop him crying, but T Gwyn minor, Jack, seemed to enjoy himself, although at times it looked a bit like Gwyn was doing his ventriloquist act with Jack on his knee.

Alice and Dave had both had their hair sorted this week. Mixed results. Alun thought Alice had a look of Lucy Owen, off the Welsh BBC news. Alun’s tv is still valve powered, I should add. Dave had opted for the “don’t mess with me, I’m well ‘ard” look.

Financial Advice.

A mortgage will take 30 years hard work to pay off. Rob a bank and you’ll be out in 10.

(The author’s views are not necessarily those of the club)

Gwyn’s regular format of spoken Welsh, with text in Welsh and English works really well on Zoom (despite all I say), but last night was a club favourite. Betjeman’s “Myfanwy”! Oooohhhhh! Gets the juices flowing.

Chas and Jan were able to be with us from 8 o’clock. Always entertaining. Tonight’s offerings included a song about a bank holiday treat; a trip to Ikea (other furniture stores are available). Ikea is the retail equivalent of the Flying Dutchman, where you are destined to walk the floors for eternity.

Maureen from Vancouver asked if it was a theme night when she joined. It wasn’t but it will be on May 14th, when AP has decreed we should find songs containing a name. Not too difficult, I’d have thought.

Here’s the YouTube link:-

Friday April 23rd 2021

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Finally, after almost a year, I managed a faultless start! A busy night with most of the usual suspects. Mike-watch-every-penny Hawkins had had his ZX Spectrum upgraded and managed to stay with us all night. Mike and Helen Davies were also back; should we change the log-in details? Geoff Durno was there too but couldn’t play, which is a great shame. He’s having problems with stiff joints; I keep telling him he’s rolling them too tight.

It was St. George’s Day; as interesting to the Welsh as St. David’s Day is to the English. There was some discussion as to George’s ancestry and also his parentage, JW suggesting the slayer of dragons father’s name was not entered on his birth certificate.

An eclectic selection of music, including songs made famous by Eddie Cochran and Ken Dodd, as well as Shakespeare in 2 languages.

Painless John’s solutions for the quiet life.

Guys! Had enough of the constant “You left the seat up again” nag? Simple solution. Use the sink!

Linda sang “The Days of Pearly Spencer” (and very popular it was too). This involved Brian going out to a phone box (one of the few public conveniences still open) for the distorted voice effect.

Brian and Sue disappointed me when they said they were the only people from the North East who didn’t know “Sally Wheatley”. I might have to learn it myself, but it’s not the same without a N.E. accent. Anything this pair sing is always memorable though.

We were busy and a bit pushed for time, but the cheer could be heard in Chicago when I said I’d drop myself from the list for the 2nd half. A shame really as I’d planned “Bye bye baby” as a tribute to the late Les McKeown; Lesley had even knocked me up a pair of cut-off tartan trousers specially.

Star prize this week goes to Bee for her poem about coming out of lockdown, “Sunrise and Clear Skies”, which Alun sang to the tune normally used for “Crossing the Bar”. Simply excellent.

So, there we are, another week nearer the wooden overcoat, but at least we still have Friday night with our chums. Here’s the link :-

Friday April 16th 2021

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Another Friday comes and goes. We begin this week with a warm welcome to Rich Krueger. Another medic with a beard and the nominative determinism to entertain us all. All the way from the Windy City, no less. We hope you will become a regular, as you are already rich. Big news of the night was that Mike Hawkins was absent, this is like saying Messi didn’t score. ‘Pooter problems that we hope may soon be mended. Mike and Helen were responding to the special offer on vegan petit-fours at the local Waitrose, so had to jib. That is what didn’t happen, but the reality of the night was , once again a torrent of talent, ticklers and titles (long). The seamless start ritual that ARJ has conceived was, again, a balls-up of the usual proportions, assisted by John, who forgot to unmute himself despite a furore (silent) from all the muppet boxes.

Izzy gave us whiskey on a Sunday, and our north of the border history lesson told us that it was the anniversary of Culloden. Geoff Durno- class, as usual. Biggest hoot of the evening, which you will find just after half way (1.46.23) was, undoubtedly, Edna. Andy Clapham had kindly asked Edna to assist in his story of the irascible Mrs Johnson (No 34), now bugger off and listen to it all.


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After last weeks “Happy” theme we were back to the usual misery, death and despair, and none more so than your ever jovial host John Shepherd. John, week after week brings doom and gloom to your Friday nights and does his best to insult everyone equally. I think all will agree, he does this very well.

Along with the misery there were a few gentle, heartfelt songs, but, if you’re looking for something happy, you’ll have to fast forward to the final song of the night from Alun.

This weeks visitors hailed from Surrey, Essex, Eastbourne, The Isle of White, Vancouver (via Newcastle), Cumbria, Gateshead and Northumberland. Is there a North East takeover in the offing? Our brilliant stale-warts and regulars however, put up a good fight and Rhyl Folk Club lives on!

One of the problems with so many performers is that there’s more chance of someone else doing your song before you and in some cases, doing it better.

Songs that people have had to give up this week:

John – The Bergen

Alan – The Valley of Strathmore

Alun – Ride On

Funnily enough this is not a problem for our Gaffer with his unique and inimitable style.

Things we learnt last night:

  • Knitters Weekly recommend Aberkan for all your essential bits and bobs
  • Flying fish jump out of a hot pan
  • Every clever **** has a fish pun

(Explanatory note for those who missed it on the chat – Storm’s excuse for his late arrival was that his fish for lunch launched itself out of the frying pan and down the back of the fridge, sounds like a bit of a fishy tale to me.)

Questions of the week:

  • Is Dave Hytch really Monty Don?
  • What tickled Alun and Alan?
  • What is the interesting piece on T Gwyn’s wall?

Quote of the week (according to ARJ)

John Shepherd: “I bet it’s not a proper song anyway – probably just something you wrote yourself!”

Look out for this and many other interesting moments as you enjoy listening to all that went on last night here on the you tube link. Thank you to all.