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Parliamentary Folk Arts Group Award

Posted in A.P.P. Folk Arts Group Award (the London trip). on April 2, 2014 by Rhyl Folk Club

Rhyl Folk Club (beware of cheap imitations!) have received an award from the All Party Parliamentary Folk Arts Group; ostensibly for existing for 50 years and still going strong, but we suspect it was simply for being the best folk club ever.

Two dozen intrepid individuals left Rhyl at first lightDSCN3968 web – it looked a bit early for Emm Cee-  London bound.DSCN3973 web

After freshening up at the Hotel, we were transported to the Houses of Parliament where the club’s resident M.P. Chris Ruane treated us to a tour of the gaff before the “do”.

DSCN4015 web  The B.B.C. were also there, and provided the p.a. (with not an inconsiderable amount of hummmmmmm) as well as recording the proceedings.DSCN4022 webDSCN4036 webThe club’s resident singers (Jeff, Alun, Brian, Mike, T.Gwyn, myself, Glass-in-each-hand- Adrian, Angel, and Jess (spot the Oxford comma !) provided the first half entertainment, along with a very creditable performance from Group Chairman, Kevin Brennan. We did you all proud. No bum notes, no forgotten words. Everybody perfect! It must have been the free booze.

Someone must have forgotten to organise a raffle however.

DSCN4072 web

DSCN4068 webThe second half started with the presentation of another award to a young itinerant musician, Martin Carthy, who entertained us for the second half; a superb performance, shattering any delusions of adequacy I may have had.

Earlier in the day, Jeff had met Sir Tom Jones (busking in the tube) and had a photo to prove it. Must have made Tom’s day. There’s a picture of Jeff boring the arse off Martin with the details. Credit to Martin for soldiering on when interrupted first by Big Ben and later by other various Parliamentary bells and buzzers. Colin’s claim to fame will for ever be that he helped Mr. Carthy out with some of his words.

The party then continued in the Stranger’s Bar, out on the terrace and eventually back in room 3162 at the Docklands Hilton. Apologies to the poor buggers in 3163.

DSCN4078 webNext morning, many looked the worse for wear as we headed from the banks of the Thames to the green fields of home.

DSCN4091 webAltogether an unforgettable experience for which we must thank a whole bunch of people:- Chris Ruane, Kevin Brennan and Jenny Chapman for getting the thing to happen at all, Mike & Sheila, Alun and Jeff for doing the organising (Jeff and Chris lugged our p.a. all the way down to find it wasn’t required), the Musician’s Union for sponsoring the event and awards and Voel Coaches for giving us two fantastic drivers, for whom nothing was too much trouble. Hope I haven’t forgotten anybody.

Brian and Adrian were left squabbling over which of them would have Martin Carthy’s babies. It was also great to  get to know people who I see every Friday, but never seem to have the time to chat to. For a slide show  go to the link below.

DSCN4054 webDSCN4055 web